Kid’s Dough Spin Pastry Machine Review

Play Dough

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Play Dough is one of those things that we think of as being for younger kids – probably pre-schoolers, but that none of us can quite resist getting our hands on! My daughters, at the ages of 7 and 10, still quite frequently ask to get our play dough box out and they’ll quite happily spend the afternoon creating dough creatures, cakes and models. So when we were asked to try out Kid’s Dough Spin Pastry Machine, I knew the kids would be delighted to help out!

The Spin Pastry Machine is the kind of toy that they absolutely love – a working machine to produce their dough creation. I have no idea why, but there does seem to be something even more fun about using a machine that making your dough shapes manually! The set allows your budding chefs to make cupcakes, doughnuts, macarons and more with the machine before using a syringe to decorate your creations, the rolling pin and knife to make biscuits and serving them up with the plates and forks that are also included.

The set comes nicely presented in a sturdy box with a carry handle so you should be able to continue to use it to store the component parts. The set includes:

  • Spin Pastry Machine
  • Muffin-style base for moulding your creations
  • Piping tool
  • 2 x forks
  • 2 x plates
  • Rolling pin
  • Cooking tool
  • 4 x 57g play dough tubs (pink, green, white, brown)

The machine requires a small amount of assembly, but it is quick, simple and takes a couple of minutes. The main body of the machine needs to be clipped onto the base then the moulds are set into place. From there, using the machine is so easy, and even very young children can do it with minimal intervention. A ball of dough is placed on to lower part of the mould, then the handle is pushed down to form a sealed mould and you are left with a full, 3D version of a doughnut or a cupcake. The ‘spin’ part of the machine comes into play as you spin the base and the upper parts of the moulds to get the combination you want to get the perfect shape of cake or bin.

Once the kids had their cakes ‘baked’, they could turn their attention to decorating them. The piping syringe is really easy to use and they got some great results creating swirled frosting on their cupcakes, drizzling their doughnuts with icing and even creating tiny hundreds and thousands to top their macarons. We have also made biscuits with the rolling pin, cutting out the shapes with the cutting tools and serving little platters full of beautifully designed sweet treats.

We thought the build quality of the machine was really good and I have no doubts that it would stand up to the daily use of either older or younger kids. The results look great that the kids were really pleased with what they had made. The colours of dough that are included in the set are spot on for cakes and pastries, but we have also been adding our own play dough to the set too to make some even brighter and more vivid creations.

Play Dough is always a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon, and this set from AlexAndAlexa makes it even more fun and really gets the kids creativity flowing. We have had a great time with this set and the quality of the component parts and the play dough itself are both spot on, and I would highly recommend the set to any dough-mad kids.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £33

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