OGGS Vanilla Cup Cakes Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

I was very pleased to receive 27 charming mini vanilla cup-cakes to review from the OGGS company.
The cakes arrived very well packaged – packed in straw which is a novel packaging choice and very in keeping with the company’s sustainability ethos.
Described as cute, tiny and fluffy the cakes certainly lived up to their description! Each cake was decorated with fluffy, shiny icing and had an abundance of colourful sprinkles to add to their charm. Being so pretty and bite sized they would be certain to appeal to children and would be an ideal addition to any school lunch box.
Being egg and dairy free, this would be a fantastic choice for people whose diet is limited due to allergy or to the vegan clientele. They are made from natural ingredients and 100% sustainable palm oil is used in their production.
Having not heard of the OGGS company before I did some research and was very impressed with the ethos of the company which is devoted to making the planet better through recycling and kindness to animals. Their mission is to give plant based alternatives to everyday foods while keeping a delicious flavour and variety of products. Through this, they hope to change the future of the planet, animals and human population.
One of the main and unique ingredients they use is AQUAFABA – a plant alternative to egg. The ingredient used is chickpea extract and this egg alternative product can be purchased through their website – certainly a great product for vegans and anyone with an egg allergy. AQUAFABA is fat free and very low in cholesterol.
Anyway back to the cup cakes! These cakes were packaged in batches of 9 cakes which were displayed in a recyclable plastic box with a recyclable card sleeve. The sleeve had loads of information about the company, plus ingredient and nutrition facts. Also the best before date was clearly displayed. The shelf life for these cakes is quite short – probably due to them not containing preservatives – but I am sure once they are spied by the children they will be eaten way before the best before date!
On opening the plastic container you immediately have an aroma of vanilla – very tempting! When the paper cases were removed, you could tell at once how fresh and moist the cakes were. On tasting, the vanilla flavouring was very prominent. The cake had a lovely texture and was not over sweet. The vanilla frosting was delicious – extremely smooth and fluffy and the coloured sprinkles added a lovely crunch. I did find the cakes left a bit of a strange aftertaste – not sure if this was due to the vanilla flavouring so it would be interesting to see if this was as prominent in the other flavoured cakes.
These cakes were enjoyed by my family and although we are not limited by dietary needs, I can see that they would be great for anyone who has to look for special foods to eat. The size of the cakes are ideal for children – how often do children eat the icing and leave the cake on larger cupcakes!!
There are many varieties of cakes produced by OGGS – zesty lemon, chocolate fudge and victoria sponge to name a few. Certainly worth checking some other flavours out.
Stockists include Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and The Vegan Kind Supermarket with a RRP of around £4.25
More information about these cakes and other OGGS products plus lots more about this firm can be found at

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £4.25

You can purchase this item from Sainsbury’s here

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