Odylique Toning Fruit Butter Review


Reviewed by Hayley Mclaren

The Odylique fruit toning body butter brings to the table an impressive array of promises, most importantly it says it will rehydrate dry, sun damaged or winter ravaged skin. I was immediately enticed- I have combination skin which is prone to drying out in the sun and the cold dry winter weather. My real problem areas are my T zone which can become very dry and then those usual culprits…knees and elbows! These areas on my body are dryer than the Sahara desert all year round and then as a general rule the rest of my skin follows not to far behind. That’s right folks- my baseline is dry. Over the years I have tried all manners of creams, balms and potions with differing success but I have never really found that holy grail ‘go to’ product for the times my skin is feeling particularly parched.
My first impressions of Odylique toning body butter where strong. The storage jar felt weighty which adds an element of class- I do love feeling indulged in a pamper session! Immediately upon removing the lid the smell hit me; this is when I wish I could make this a scratch and sniff review. The scent is tropical, earthy and luxurious. It is strong enough that after an application it lingers pleasantly and prompted my husband to ask what smelt so good- but it is not overwhelming. An excellent start.

For my first application I waited until the evening, I had put in several hours gardening in the heat in dusty ground and by days end I was filthy and my skin was tight and dry. I enjoyed a long soak in the tub and then applied the butter to dry towel dried skin.

What struck me first was how far a small amount of product went, the tub is generously sized but using this all over I wondered how long it would last- any misgivings I had were quickly gone as I soon realised with this gorgeous butter less is more. I would liken the consistency to a balm- coincidentally my favourite type of moisturising product and it glides over the skin. It absorbs easily and can be massaged in to your dryer areas really leaving a feel of locked in moisture. For my face I decided to really treat myself, I gave myself a hot towel facial and then applied a small amount of this butter as a balm over my face. I gently massaged it in with my fingertips and waited for morning- I was glowing!! I even sent a selfie to my best friend as soon as I woke up I was so amazed with the soft feeling and natural glow of my skin.

Another huge selling point for me is that this product is vegan, and organically made and produced. I try to buy ethical products wherever possible and this ticks all the boxes. The price of £20 is reasonable in my opinion as the 150g jar would last me a while and I have used far more expensive products that have left me much less impressed.

I couldn’t resist browsing the Odylique website and I am definitely going to be trying some of their other products! I am on a perpetual search for a great mascara and after the success of this butter I am feeling optimistic that I will love their other products as much- to be honest even if I loved them half as much as this butter it would still be a LOT of love!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.00

This product can be purchased from Odylique here.

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