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Keepr’s Ultra Low Alcohol Gin And Tonic Flavoured Drink Review


Reviewed by Dee Ryz

BBQs and booze go hand in hand, right?

The sun is shining, the barbecue has been lit, and the meat and veg has been prepped. You’re ready for an afternoon in the garden, on the beach, or in the park. With a cold gin and tonic in hand and the sun on your face, what could be better?

Well, the only problem is, if I’m going to be sitting in the sun of an afternoon, I don’t always want to work my way through a bottle of gin, inevitably regretting it the next morning when my head is a tad fuzzy.

And that’s where Keepr’s comes in.

When the 2 bottles Keepr’s kindly sent over to review arrived, I duly fridged them, and prepped my ice and slice (lemon, naturally). They were wrapped in pretty presentation paper with instructions to sip, enjoy and unwrap. I was sceptical at first – I mean, is it really a G&T without the full-alcohol hit? But my fears quickly disappeared after my first sip. Light and refreshing, with all the flavour of a full-blown premium gin and tonic, my first thought was “surely, this can’t be right?!”. But low and behold, as I unwrapped, I was fully introduced to Keepr’s fantastic new Ultra-Low Alcohol Gin and Tonic Flavoured Drink.

A premix of specially crafted low alcohol gin, with herby hints of cardamom and coriander (alongside 12 ‘carefully balanced botanicals’) – all you have to do is crack the lid, pour over ice and add a slice of citrus fruit and fresh ginger, and boom! A delicious G&T without all the fuss (or the alcohol for that matter!). They’re also full of natural flavourings and contain no artificial sweeteners. And, at only 21 calories per 100ml, they’re also less bad for you than a standard G&T, alcohol aside – double win – meaning you can enjoy more of your tasty BBQ treats instead!

With a special introductory price on their website of £27 for 12, they aren’t the cheapest, but I really believe you’re paying for quality, and the satisfaction of knowing that there will be no sore heads in the morning…

While there are lots of premixed cans in the supermarket or corner shop shelves, Keepr’s have a gem on their hands here – the same great taste and slight buzz from a G&T, but without the hassle of a hangover. I’d definitely recommend having these at your next BBQ!

Rating: 5/5

Introductory price: £27.00 for 12

This product is available to buy from the Keepr’s website here.

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