Nuby Cloud And Star Playtime Bundle Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I was sent a beautiful bundle of baby items from the Nuby cloud and star range to review, the cloud and star inflatable seat, tummy time pillow, pram toy and comforter. It’s a calming grey, white and yellow range featuring clouds, rainbows and stars, lovely for newborns. 

The Inflatable Seat (£26.99)

The little sit up seat consists of a blow up horseshoe cushion with a soft grey cover and an attachable little tray featuring a mirror and 2 removable plush toys. Easy to blow up and insert in the cover and was ready to use in minutes.

My little one 6 months old and is just finding her balance when sitting up, she is unsteady but no longer happy lying on her back.

She was happy to try the seat and was content to explore the attached toys, I was pleased to be able to observe from the sofa with a cuppa knowing she wasn’t going to tip over and bang her head or get frustrated because she’s not upright. It was so easy to deflate to store or for transport to grandparents house. 

This kept my baby amused the only downside being that because it is inflatable it is very lightweight so she was able to tip it when she stretched back and could shuffle downwards through the hole, but as long as they are being supervised it wasn’t an issue.

The Tummy Time Pillow (£12.99)

Can be used from birth, this rainbow roll cushion was a perfect size for propping baby up when she is lying on her tummy and has 3 toys attached for her to play with. 

Tummy time is so important for babies to be able to strengthen their core muscles which they need for sitting up and crawling. Like a lot of babies, my daughter was not a fan and would not tolerate very long on her tummy. Using this cushion she managed much longer than she usually does so this gets a big thumbs up from us.

Comforter (£5.99)

This cloud shaped comforter is super cute, neutral calming colours, with little tags around the edge which is a lovely touch, my girl loves to twiddle the tags in her fingers as she dozes off for her naps, the fabric is so soft she cuddled it happily to sleep, I like to keep her comforters in my top for a little while so they smell like me, it seems to settle her.

Pram Toy (£5.99)

I love a pram toy, small handheld toys get explored and played with much more than larger ones in my experience, I clipped this one easily onto the safety bar of the pram and she happily poked, pulled and munched on it everyday for the school run this week.

This is such a brilliant Gift set for a new baby either for Christmas or even a baby shower. The neutral colours are fab so you could buy if you don’t know the sex. The items can be purchased individually (see prices above) but at the moment the Gift Set has 20% off and is selling for £41.57 (editor’s note – at the time of writing the review) which is excellent value and a good saving. The quality of the items look much more expensive, the recipient of this Gift Set would think you had spent much more. I would recommend this as a great baby gift and definitely purchase it for other little ones in the future. There are other lovely items available in the cloud and star range too.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £41.57 (with current 20% discount- prices correct at time of writing review)

This item can be purchased from Nuby here.

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