Lily O’Briens Chocolate Desserts Collection And Winter Desserts Collection Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

Well who am I to say no to a box or 2 of chocolates to review, minute on the lips, pah, seconds don’t count the same surely! Upon opening the box I found nestled two sumptuous looking boxes of delights, both with similar graphics on the top displaying what you will find inside. On the reverse of the boxes is the company information – who they are, why they started, a lovely message from the creators to you, a really lovely personal touch. Ingredients, nutritional information, details on how best to store and the best temperature to enjoy the chocolates at (contrary to popular belief – not mine it must be noted – chocolate should NOT be kept in the fridge, you will not get the best flavour if it doesn’t melt well on your tongue). Finally there is a great picture and description of each chocolate you will find inside the box, just to get you salivating I’m sure.

The boxes are both sealed with stickers and the bottom sections of the boxes are wrapped in cellophane to keep the chocolates at their best. Once you have managed to rip that off, you get to the good part, a cute layer of branded padding is protecting the chocolates and the menu card is sat inviting you in too.

I am the one who reads the dessert menu first so I couldn’t wait to dig in, lets start with the Chocolate Desserts – included in here is 3 of each of the 7 different chocolates, Hazelnut Torte, Lemmon Posset, Banoffee Pie, Creme Brulee, Raspberry Infusion and Key Lime Pie. The fruit chocolates are incredible, the Banoffee Pie tastes like actual banana (a friend kindly helped me with this one as I am not a banana fan), she said it was like having a slice of banana in the chocolate and a welcome change from fake banana flavouring. The lemon Posset and Key Lime Pie were so fresh tasting, with a real fruit zing. The Raspberry Infusion was slightly more subtle but there was a definite background note of raspberry amongst the rich dark chocolate. The Creme Brulee was a smooth vanilla flavour and just lovely and the Hazelnut Torte was beautiful, the nutty ones are always one I leave until last to savour and this one does not disappoint, it pairs really nicely with the white chocolate. My overall favourite from this box however has to be the Lemon Posset, the zing, the flavour, the crunch of the meringue pieces was just delicious.

It’s a hard job, but next up is the Winter Desserts Collection, again in the box you have 3 of each of the 7 different chocolates, Berry Eaton Mess, Festive Creme Brulee, Dark Orange, Apple Pie Crunch, Triple Chocolate Shot and Spiced Latte. Let’s start at the top, Berry Eaton Mess a lovely fruity flavour with a subtle meringue hint, this one leaves a lovely taste in your mouth. Festive Creme Brulee now having had the other creme brulee in the other box I can hands down say that this one is a winner and I am not sharing these, in fact I went straight onto the website to see if I could get a box of this one on its own, it is stunning, smooth, creamy and a really lovely addition of cinnamon, it is a festive delight for sure! Dark Orange was next, I usually am a huge fan of orange chocolates, but this one I am not so keen on, the spices just didn’t do it for me in this one as I was eating it, but the aftertaste is nice, it’s not one I would leave, but I wouldn’t rush to pick it. Apple Pie Crunch also sounded super appealing to me, I love a fruity chocolate, this one is very subtle on the apple but a pleasant flavour over all. Triple Chocolate Shot, the menu card is correct, there is never too much chocolate, this one is scrummy, just the right balance and one for real chocoholics, yum. Finally Spiced Latte, I bought in my friend again here as coffee is not my thing but she tried it and assured me it wasn’t pungent like some coffee flavourings can be. It is a super subtle coffee flavour and even to me as a non coffee drinker was pleasant with the festive spicing too it really does taste of Christmas.

The hands down winner of this box is the Festive Creme Brulee, I would love a huge box filled with just this one please – STUNNING!

Overall these chocolates really are a masterpiece, such great flavours, balanced well and not fake and bad tasting. If you are looking for an indulgent treat for yourself or a loved one over Christmas I would not hesitate to buy one, or both of these, for chocolates crafted like this, flavours like these at a price point not to break the bank you won’t regret it, they really are wonderful.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7 for each box

You can purchase these chocolates direct from the website here.

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