NOW That’s What I Call Running 2015 Review

NOWRunning2015NOW That’s What I Call Running 2015


Reviewed by Dawn Watson

As a keen runner I was delighted to be chosen to review this 3 disc compilation CD made specifically for us. Music is really important to me when I am running, particularly when I am on my own, it definitely helps to pass the time quicker and helps make my running more enjoyable, I like music to motivate me, to spur me on…

The type of music is important – it doesn’t matter whether you are running for pleasure and health benefits, training for a 5 km run or even a marathon. One thing you do not want is sedate, romantic night in type of music for your full run – you want and need something to get you moving, get the heart rate going and before you know it your pace increases too. I’ve found in the past, without actually realising it but your pace slows as you automatically move in time to the music, so the slower the music the slower you run.

What I love about these three discs are they seem to progress through pace as if you were with a personal running trainer keeping you on track with a much slower pace at the beginning to get the muscles warmed up and raring to go – gradually the pace lifts as does your own pace without realising. I love a full diverse range of music so I was particularly pleased to hear it wasn’t all dance and club music, there was also some classic rock anthems too to get you moving,  and also some music from groups I hadn’t heard of which was good too. These CD’s feature 66 tracks from Sam Smith, The Black Eyed Peas, Meghan Trainor, Missy Elliott, The Chemical Brothers and lots more (click here for full track listing).

I’ve tested them out running and can honestly say I really enjoyed them – training as I am for a half marathon at the end of the month a change in music was good to motivate me and get me through the training schedule.

If I had any gripes it would be that some of the songs are particularly slow… maybe just a little too slow for runners but the majority of them were good. I also wish the songs just blended into each other, a slight gap just breaks the momentum up a little but on the whole didn’t stop me enjoying all 3 of the CD’s… I even found myself singing along to some of the great tracks we have had so far in 2015.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99 (3 CD Set)

Available to buy from various music outlets or from the NOW Music Store here.

4 Star

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