Nivea Skin Care Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Gone are the days when Nivea only had a few products to choose from. From deodorant to suncreeen, anti-wrinkle cream to lip balm, they now have an extensive range of which I was lucky enough to be sent two products to test out. Both products, body lotion and sunscreen, are used pretty much daily in our house so we were able to give them a thorough test.

The first product was the Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Care Coloured Roll-on in Pink (RRP: £4.50). With a very high SPF factor of 50+ this was perfect for our six year old to try. The sunscreen comes as a 50ml roll on so it’s both hand bag & hand luggage friendly perfect for days out and holidays. When rolling this on the first thing we noticed was the lovely smell, not overpowering but fresh and flowery, the second that it wasn’t really pink as such but more flesh coloured. The roller ball worked really smoothly and my son found it very easy to apply and rub in himself. He could see where he had applied it by the coloured strips left on his skin. It rubbed into the skin really easily and the colour disappears almost immediately leaving no sticky residue. It states extra water resistant on the label and we got the chance to check this on an afternoon in the paddling pool. At the end of the day you could still lightly smell the fragrance and there wasn’t a hint of any pink areas, it had done its job perfectly. We really liked this sunscreen, it rolled on quickly and smoothly, had a nice fragrance, wasn’t sticky and easily popped in the handbag. The most positive thing is that children can easily apply it themselves. The product also comes in green if you have a boy that’s not keen on pick, ours really wasn’t bothered and was far more interested in the roller action than the colour!

The second product was one for me to try. I use a body lotion every day and was stuck in a rut using the same one so it was nice to try a different product for a change. The Nivea Q10 Firming Rich Body Lotion (RRP: £8.49) came in a large 400ml pump action bottle suitable for standing up in your bathroom or dressing room. Once unlocked, the pump was really easy to push down using only one finger and dispensed a generous amount of lotion. As per the sunscreen the fragrance was light and fresh and the lotion just the right consistency. I often find lotions too thick or sticky but the Q1O is light and absorbent not oily or heavy and absorbed into the skin very easily. This lotion is a new formula containing skin’s own coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C and it claims to moisturise skin for 48 hours. I found this to be true, despite having the normal dry patches on knees and elbows it left my skin feeling smooth and soft many hours later. I felt that it didn’t just moisturise the top layer but got deep down into my skin. The bottle states 10 days to noticeably firmer skin, it’s difficult to say if my skin felt any firmer but it certainly felt smoother, softer and more hydrated in just a few days.  The Nivea Q10 is a great body lotion at a fraction of the price of the more expensive creams on the market.

Both the Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Care Coloured Roll-on SPF50+ and the Nivea Q10 Rich firming body lotion are fantastic value for money and come highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

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