Nicky Clarke Multi Styler Review


Reviewed by Kim Bickerdike

As someone with long, dark and very thick hair I am always on the lookout for hairstyling tools and products which makes taming my hair a lot easier. My hair has a natural kink and I prefer to wear it straight or up as it doesn’t normally hold curls very well so I was excited when given the opportunity to try the Nicky Clarke Multi Styler.

When the tool arrived it was nicely packaged in a colourful box and was really easy to assemble and change the different styling attachments. The Multi Styler comes with one straightening and 3 curling attachments. The box states the Multi Styler includes a 3metre long cable, with a 360 degree swivel cord for tangle free styling and heats up to 200 degrees centigrade which leaves a glossy finish.

I initially tried the straightening attachment on the styling tool as that is what I am most comfortable with and I use my existing one on pretty much a daily basis. I normally hold the straightener in one hand and use a comb to untangle my hair with the other and I find this way reduces the number of times I have to go over my hair with the straightener. I was unable to use this technique with this straightening attachment as I had to use one hand to hold the attachment closed, this was a lot more time consuming and as my hair is so thick I think I would prefer to carry on using my current straighteners rather than switch to this product.

I did however really, really, really enjoy using the 3 different types of curling attachments. The tool heats up in a matter of seconds and once you have chosen the type of curl you would like and attached the correct curling tool, you are good to go. My hair hadn’t been washed for a couple of days and was looking pretty limp and greasy, I’ve heard it’s better to curl hair when unwashed, but I wasn’t confident that anything other than washing it was the solution for my greasy mess. I selected a 2-inch section of hair around and clamped the end of it before I wrapped it around the curling attachment and held for roughly 10 – 20 seconds, this was enough time for the curl to take and I was impressed with the ease and final results. I alternated wrapping the hair in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to give each section a slightly different look. It took me about 20 minutes to curl my whole head and I was amazed with how good it looked. The curls were defined, and my hair looked so glossy and not greasy at all. In fact, I found the curling tool so easy to use that it has been my go-to instead of my trusty straighteners and I have been shocked at how well the style has been holding. I have even slept on the curls and the style has held for the following day.

This product retails at £44.99 (editor’s note – RRP amended) and I think this is good value for money. I would recommend this product for someone who is new to curling their hair because if I can use it and make my hair look really nice, anyone can. (editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion) I am really impressed with the curling tools featured on this product and now enjoy doing my hair in the morning instead of throwing it up in a messy bun but will be sticking to my usual straighteners for the days I want to wear my hair straight.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £44.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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