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CombiCareCombiCare Supplement

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Having two aging horses that were suffering with stiff joints coming out of winter, I was pleased to be given the opportunity to review the CombiCare supplement from Nature’s Way for Pets. CombiCare is a natural feed supplement suitable for dog’s, cat and horses. It comes in tablet or powder form but for ease of use with horses Nature’s Way recommended the powder.

The powder turned out to be very palatable even to my fussy thoroughbred who can easily manage to eat round supplements if he wants to, in fact both horses ate it mixed it into their feed quite readily. CombiCare contains the two ingredients present in a lot of joint related horse supplements in large quantities, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, together with Algae Calcium, Vitamin C and Manganese Sulphate. Glucosamine is commonly known for its osteoarthritic properties and helps restore joint function so I was keen to try it on my two veterans, especially as one still competes regularly.

The dosage starts with a booster dose for 2-4 weeks of 50g per day then reduces to a maintenance dose of 25g. It can be fed periodically or as a lifelong supplement for the older animal and is easy to add to food with the scoop provided.

After two weeks the supplement was in their blood stream and I noticed it started to make a difference to their joint mobility, another week on and their movement has noticeably improved and hopefully will continue to do so.


CombiCare has certainly helped my horses coming out of winter, especially my thoroughbred, and noticeably reduced joint stiffness when coming out of their stables first thing in the morning. They will be going out in the field 24/7 from the end of May so will stop the supplement and pick up again in September when the come back into their stables at night, hopefully stopping the stiffness before it starts for the winter.

An excellent supplement for horses I can only assume that it will have the same pain relieving properties in cats and dogs. An importantly point for equine users it is a natural product, so is legal to use in competitions. Recommended.

Rating: 4.5/5

Prices from £25.71 to £65.14.

Available to buy from Nature’s Way for Pets in tablet and powder form here.

4 half Star

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