Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set Review

NanshyBrushesNanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set

Reviewed by Lucy Knight

I have been searching everywhere for a set of reasonably priced makeup brushes to no avail. So I was delighted to be able to review the Nanshy professional makeup brush set. These brushes are for use on the face and can be used to apply various products such as: Foundation, Powder, Blusher, Concealer, Highlighter, Tinted moisturise and primer.

I have been using them with mineral foundation powder that I purchased a while ago but could not use, as I did not have the make-up brushes to apply it with. I have to say that it went on so easily and looked flawless. The brushes are very lightweight and the bristles feel like satin on your skin. They come in 5 different shapes which allow you to buff and blend you make up to create the perfect look.

The set consists of Nanshy flat buffer brush, Nanshy round buffer brush, Nanshy pointed brush, Nanshy angled buffer brush and Nanshy flat angled buffer brush. If you need information on which brush to you with different products there are many YouTube video tutorials which feature the brushes. This is how I did my research.

The brushes have a thick white handle and soft dense antibacterial synthetic bristles. They are easy to clean and store and are 100% vegan and cruelty free, approved by PETA.

The packaging is minimalistic and bold and the brushes come with a cover to protect the bristles.

Overall these are a fantastic. However, I think if they added some how to use information to the packaging this would be better than suggesting to look on YouTube.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £34.95

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Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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