Naanster Indian Snacks Review


Reviewed by Shelly Harper

Naanster is a unique and convenient handmade snack that comes in four tasty Indian flavours. Made with freshly cooked naan bread, the Naansters are filled with fluffy pilau rice with a topping of meat or vegetables and smothered in a Tikka, Madras, Rogan Josh or Balti sauce. To finish and compliment the Naanster, a little mango chutney is added.

Affectionately dubbed the ‘fastest Indian’ the Naanster prides itself on maintaining its eastern roots and reinvigorating Indian cooking into a contemporary and unique snack for a modern, fast paced world – the perfect curry on the go!

Being a huge curry fan I couldn’t wait to try the Naansters I was given for review. The flavours given to me were:

  • Balti Chicken
  • Beef Madras
  • Vegetable Tikka
  • Chicken Tikka

Not being much of a cook I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get a tasty, quality Indian snack in my hand within 90 seconds. Definitely my kind of cooking and so convenient for lunch when I’m at work.

The first Naanster I tried was the Vegetable Tikka. The vegetables tasted so fresh despite being microwaved and although I’m not usually one for Tikka as its not hot enough for my taste it was actually very yummy and the mango chutney definitely added a slightly tangy, sweet flavour which really worked. I like to eat lots of vegetables but can often find them bland so the Vegetable Tikka Naanster was a great alternative.

The second Naanster I tried was the Balti Chicken. I was apprehensive about trying this as with some convenience foods, when you put them in the microwave the meat inside can either go dry, rubbery or can even be hard to find. In actual fact I found large chunks of chicken which were incredibly moist and tender and the combination of flavours were amazing. Again Balti isn’t really hot enough for me but I definitely enjoyed the Balti Chicken Naanster.

Naanster1The third Naanster I tried was the Chicken Tikka. As with the Vegetable Tikka I was greeted by a bright yellow filling and as per the Balti Chicken Naanster the meat inside was wholesome, moist and full of flavour.

Finally, saving the best till last I tried the Beef Madras Naanster. Whenever I order Indian I always opt for a Madras so it’s fair to say it is by far my favourite Indian dish. The Beef Madras Naanster did not disappoint with its warm, exotic flavour. It was hot but not too hot and the beef was cooked to perfection with not a fatty of gristly bit in sight which I’m always weary of when it comes to mince so often opt for 5% fat steak mince. It’s fair to say I couldn’t devour this Naanster quick enough!

Being on a calorie counting diet I’m often cautious of convenience food due to high calories or fat content but was so pleased to learn that the Vegetable Tikka, Chicken Balti and Chicken Tikka Naansters contain less than 5% fat and all of them contain less than 420 calories each.

Despite the Naanster being advertised as a snack I can honestly say that due to the wholesome fillings you could certainly eat one for lunch and be sufficiently full until dinner time.

I will definitely be buying Naansters again because I found the vegetable, meat and rice fillings to be fresh, tasty, and moist and although you would think this would make the naan bread soggy, it really doesn’t so you can eat them on the go as they have originally advertised.

I have also visited and was pleased to see they also have a product called Stowies, Calzone on the go! We will certainly be also giving these a try in the very near future.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £1.99 each

Available in Tesco, Morrisons, Nisa and Spar.

For more information visit


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