My WonderCube Review


My WonderCube

Reviewed by Sarah Woodhead

My WonderCube is an Award Winning Ethical and Organic toy.

The soft cube is machine washable and made from Jersey Material with pull out squares fillings with various textures.

My boys are 12 months old, the WonderCube arrived the day after their first birthday.

The presentation box is lovely bright and appealing, no awkward ties in the packaging or screwdrivers to open battery compartments or god-awful annoying voices. You just open the box and out it comes.

Twinkle One was happy to play with the box and the leaflets inside it. Twinkle Two was more intrigued to find out what the WonderCube was all about.

The cube it lovely and soft to touch and brightly decorated with cute little characters.  At first Twinkle Two was just squeezing the cube and giving it a good old cuddle (a mama has to love a boy who gives cuddles) he then went onto the crazy shaking of the cube. At the rattling sound Twinkle Ones ears pricked up and the box was dropped and he came to investigate.

With a little pushing and pulling of the cube and we got a squeak and a fit of giggles from Twinkle Two decided to investigate the box his brother had discarded.

It was Twinkle One who realised that something was inside and his little hands went a hunting he began to investigate twisting the cube he found a hole with a corner of material poking out. He pulled out a soft square to his delight this was attached to another and before he knew it he was holding 5 material squares appeared and I had 2 babies shaking the fillings with glee. They don’t seem to tire of pulling out the filling and me putting them back in. The filling that squeaks is a firm favourite and a quick distraction from the tears.

I really like the WonderCube and I can see this as a toy that can grow with the boys. Of the 5 squares that come with the cube one is plain material with a picture on, the other contain are a bell, a crinkly one, a squeaky one and a rattle. Each one connects in the corner with Velcro.

It’s just a lovely fuss free toy that allows the boys to do what they like to do best and explore. I keep finding various other little items Inside the WonderCube from soothers to plastic spoons to Little People Characters. This and another sensory toy go inside the cot at bedtime some light entertainment before they are taken by the arms of slumber.

Having checked on them before settling down to write my review Twinkle One is Cuddling the Cube and Twinkle Two is clinging onto the filling and it’s also good for distractions during nappy changes however I am sure would I allow it they would still happily raid the baby wipe tub.

You have the opportunity to buy additional fillings for the WonderCube which I plan to do with Birthday money. It appears they are expanding range of filling to add more Wonder to the WonderCube. With the boys only just turning one I see this been in the toy box for many a year to come and with additional fillings we can keep the learning going.

For an Organic and Ethically marketed toy I think this is reasonably price and I would consider buying it as a gift. However I do think for those who have paid £17.99 for the WonderCube the additional cost of extra fillings seems rather expensive. However I will invest in some with their birthday money. To me the “My” in the name of the item seems pointless and doesn’t roll naturally off the tongue. I find myself saying shall we play with the WonderCube.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.99

Available to buy from My Wondercube here.

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