My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review


Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

Now when I was growing up the only thing I ever grew was some garden cress on a bit of damp cotton wool! How things have changed as I’ve never seen these before.

I received the My Fairy Kitchen Garden to review with my granddaughter and on reading the booklet that comes in the box I discovered ‘My Fairy Garden ‘ is actually a range of collectable activity kits which are designed to encourage interaction with nature through play. What a fab idea.

My granddaughter, who is 7 years old, says she has seen these before and as always wanted one, so together, whilst following the instructions, we started to build this little windowsill planter.

It has a very strong base which you then fix a small picket fence around the edges and a cute little garden gate at the end, all very easy to put together.

You then click together the fairy house for your little ‘fairy figure’ Fenn.

That’s it, all ready now for the next step, which is to soak about half of the microgreen seeds, that come in the box, for at least six hours, so I did this overnight ready for the next morning.

The next day my granddaughter could hardly wait to do the next step, which is to fill the planter with multipurpose compost, water it a little, position the fairy house and decided where she wanted to position the little fairy Fenn! and then finally add the microgreen seeds spacing them out and pushing slightly into the soil. Next we placed the planter into a dark warm cupboard and just kept checking and adding a bit of water and wait for the seeds to start to show through.

My granddaughter loves how you have a small fairy figure to place anywhere you want either on the picket fence or in the little house and let her watch over your seeds.

After just a few days in the dark cupboard we both got excited at how quickly the seeds had started to grow. WOW! Said my granddaughter. It was time now to let the plants get some sunlight.

And just a few days later, with sunlight, water and of course ‘Fairy Fenn’ this little fairy kitchen garden was looking it’s best…

A day later the pea shoots were massive! and looking like a forest so now ready to eat. We cut some of the plant, rinsed and enjoyed sprinkled on a salad.

I love this idea of involving children to plant something, see it grow and then enjoy eating it. And the ‘My Fairy Kitchen Garden’ doesn’t take up much room and is very easy to look after.

So we are on the lookout for what to try over the summer holidays and the rest of the year. Well worth checking out the website for the many more different designs the company as. You can also get more micro seeds from the company web site

We have really enjoyed doing this activity together. No more garden cress on damp cotton wool.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99

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