AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

When you have spent good money on a decent set of knives, you obviously want them to stay as sharp and as precise as they day you bought them. The problem is, over time, knives inevitably lose their perfect blade – be it just through general use or because you have a glass or marble cutting board, unfortunately knives do need a bit of upkeep to stay sharp.

Up until now, I have sharpened my knives on a knife steel, which is a problem because I know for a fact that I’ve been doing it wrong! You are supposed to hold the steel and knife at a specific angle or you risk damaging the blade of the knife – I just can’t get the hang of doing it! I have also managed to cut my arm on more than one occasion when my hand has slipped (if anyone was going to do that, it would be me!).

One solution is a proper knife sharpener, but the ones I have seen have generally looked a little big, or they haven’t matched my kitchen (yes, I’m that shallow!), so I have continued to use the steel and probably not sharpen my knives properly! I have just got a new, expensive, set of knives, so I decided it was imperative that I got myself organised and got a proper sharpener!

We were sent the AnySharp Pro to review, which doesn’t look like any of the other knife sharpeners I have ever seen before! First of all, it is available in a range of fabulous colours, meaning I could even get a copper one to match my new knives. It is about the same shape and size as a little fairy cake, so it’s nice and compact for the kitchen and it doesn’t get in the way at all.

The AnySharp Pro sits firmly on the kitchen worktop via a lever-operated suction pad (similar to the way a sat-nav attaches to a windscreen), which holds it perfectly still meaning you can keep your other hand well away from the knife blade. The blades on the AnySharp Pro are set at the perfect 20 degree angle for optimum sharpening, meaning there is no space for user error and there is no way you will damage your knives.

To sharpen your knife, you just have to draw the knife through the sharpening edge on the AnySharp Pro two or three times (just one way, not backwards and forwards), and it will sharpen your knife beautifully. I haven’t needed to use it on my new knives yet, but I have used it on my previous knife set and it has given them a new lease of life – they are like new knives again!

I am delighted with the AnySharp Pro – it looks fantastic, it is much safer and easier than using a traditional steel and the results are spot on! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £19.99

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