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My Fairy Door and Stepladder Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Having a daughter aged 9 we of course all believe in fairies in this house and my daughter loves anything fairy or unicorn related.

The look on her face was absolutely priceless when a package arrived and it was a fairy door for her bedroom.

The packaging was very bright and colourful and fitted in well with the fairy theme. The packaging told us a bit about the fairy door and how to use it.

We decided on a nice spot next to my daughter’s bed and she was so helpful showing exactly where she wanted it placing and helping me use the enclosed tack to stick the door to the wall.

We received a beautiful yellow door with a brass coloured handle and door knocker and the yellow was finished off with a bright white door frame.

My daughters room is very girly and the wall she chose was her Disney princess wall which features a few of the princesses and I must say the yellow and white fitted in very well next to the yellow, pink and white wallpaper.

Once we had placed our door we placed the stepladder close by and left the room, I noticed through the day my daughter kept going to get room to check for fairies but they were hiding.

During the night I quietly crept in to my daughter’s room and scattered a small amount of fairy dust and left a small gift for her to find in the morning.

My daughter was so happy to see she had been visited by fairies in the night and loved her hair clip from them.

Although it could be easy to leave gifts often I have explained to my daughter that the fairies will come when she is really really good and may leave her another small gift.

I have found her behaviour lately to be absolutely fantastic and I know this is because she knows the fairies are watching.

This is such a beautiful item and I love the idea!


I shall be looking out for other items from The Magic Door Store as they really do bring a magical presence to the home with their stunning doors and accessories.

My 9 year old loves her door and has been keeping great care of it and being extra careful to leave the step ladders close to the door each evening so even the smallest of fairies can come and go.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20 (Fairy Door), £6 (My Magic Stepladder), £1.50 (Magic Dust)

Available to buy from The Magic Door Door here.


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