Mumbucks Reward System Review

The Motivating Reward System for Kids

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

To be honest I had never heard of Mumbucks before so was quite intrigued when I was chosen to write a review about them.

I have 5 children, 8 year old, 6 year old, 4 year old and 3 year old twins, as you can imagine sometimes life can be pretty busy and challenging. In the past I have been on a parenting course which I thought would be beneficial as it could help me “tweak my parenting lifestyle” to make it more positive and bring out the best in our family which did work quite a lot and showed me how to use reward charts during this, although they were good there was no real “reward” and was a bit hit and miss and undecided.

When I received my Mumbucks pack I was quite excited. I opened it and read the information sheet that comes with it. When the eldest 2 children came home from school I explained the Mumbucks to them. We sat down and agreed what each Mumbuck would be worth. As a family we agreed each “Mumbuck” was worth 25p in cash or worth a “trade in treat” i.e.  1 mumbuck equals 15 minutes on the ipad/laptop or they can put them all together and 5 Mumbucks will get them a movie night (i.e. popcorn/dvd). Being a mum of 5 children I worked out in my head that although I want them to earn Mumbucks for good behaviour etc… I needed to “cap it off” so I didn’t need a bank loan at the end of each week. I therefore worked out that they could each earn a maximum of 10 Mumbucks each week (which if they trade them all in for cash it £2.50 per child each week). 

Because my children range from 3 to 8 years old and there are 5 of them each at different stages in life I decided that although each Mumbuck has the same value I would make their targets more specific to them. The chart in the pack gave me an idea of what kind of things to pick so I decided on weekly rewards/targets of:

Each of them have to put away their own things after school, for the younger 3 it was simply putting their coats/shoes/hats away in their bedroom and for the eldest 2 it was putting coats/shoes/hats away where they belong plus emptying their packup boxes for me and passing me any info I need from their school book bags and putting the bags neatly away in the drawer (5 Mumbucks weekly per child max).  

We also decided with the eldest 2 if they ate enough of their lunch through the week they would receive 2 Mumbucks (2 Mumbucks weekly per child max).

If they keep their bedroom tidy through the week or if they do a proper tidy up at the weekend they will get 2 Mumbucks each (2 Mumbucks weekly per child max).

If they get a special achievement/do really well/have been really well behaved or do something outstanding then they get 2 bonus Mumbucks (2 Mumbucks weekly per child max).

Because I have 5 children I did a reward chat with removable stickers that started Monday and then Sunday morning we counted their stickers and swapped them to their Mumbucks. My eldest 2 have a purse for theirs and have decided to keep them this week to trade for time on their dad’s laptop playing games. 

I really saw the benefit of the Mumbucks at the weekend as I asked the children to tidy their bedroom – my eldest refused to in her sulky manner so rather than try my usual blackmail technique I simply said – that’s fine don’t worry about it – but just think of the Mumbucks you’re missing out on. I’ve never seen her move to quick!!! Hahahahahahaha………… I think this is a fantastic idea as the parents win as they get the good behaviour but the children feel like they are in control too as they get to decide what they want to use their Mumbucks for. Although we have only had them in our house for 1 week it is definitely a winner.

RRP: £14.99

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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