Multi-Purpose Allergy Wristband Review


Multi-Purpose Allergy Wristband

Reviewed by Emma Baker

Having a daughter with Eczema that is mainly triggered by certain foods and allergies is often a pain when we are out as we have to make sure none of the places we are going to visit is free from the things we need to avoid. Which is all well and good if I’m with her but I do worry when she is out with other people or school, as what if they don't know and like any other child my daughter would love to have certain foods but can’t as they trigger her skin condition off so she may be a little sneaky and have some any way as I’m not there!

So when I saw this nifty wristband that allows you to add little 'charms' to a studded bracelet so that other people are also aware off the things she should avoid.

When this arrived my daughter (8) was a bit unsure of wearing it as she could no longer get away with not telling people what she can and cannot have, but I think she was won over by the cuteness of the wristband, it came in pink and had 3 press studs to adjust the size, and in the middle was a big logo stating 'I have multiple allergies'  and then attached were cute little characters… a strawberry, nuts, a cat and then a pot of eczema cream.  The wristband fitted perfectly and was easy to get used to as she isn’t used to having anything on her wrists.

Now for the reasonable price of £10.99 (for the multi-purpose band and extra charms for other allergies can be purchased for £1.50, single use bands are £4.29) I can rest assured that even when my daughter isn’t in my care her allergies are known and her health is kept at its best. What a fantastic idea and from what I can see on their website they have a wide range of products and cover a large variety of conditions.

When purchsing the multi-purpose wristband you can select 6 characters from a list of 24.

A big thumbs up!

Rating: 5/5

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