Inspector George Gently Series Four Review

Inspector George Gently
Series Four


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Martin Shaw, Lee Ingleby
Certificate: 12
Number of episodes: 2
Number of discs: 2
Running time: 178 minutes

Inspector George Gently Series Four is a 2 DVD box set that includes both feature length episodes from the fourth series: Gently Upside Down and Goodbye China. Set in 1966 in Durham Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw) has moved from London to Durham. While Inspector Gently is calm, thoughtful and clever his sidekick Detective Sergeant John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) is his opposite, brash, arrogant and impulsive but work well together as a team.

Gently Upside Down
When a missing schoolgirl is found dead in the woods it sees Inspector Gently trying to find her killer and has suspects including school teachers, parents and music show hosts, but who is the killer and why?

Goodbye China
When Inspector Gently’s old informant and friend dies he sees it as suspicious and decides to investigate leading him down a path of having to investigate another policeman and his unusual methods for controlling crime in the his small town.

Overall, this is a great detective series and Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby play their parts brilliantly. The contrast in the two detectives works very well and also injects a little bit of humour into the stories especially when the police station gets its first ever tea machine.

Another great show that doesn’t rely on bad language or special effects to make it a worthwhile watch, the story and the acting are enough on their own.

Rating: 4/5

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