Mrs & Mrs Family Edition Board Game Review

Mr & Mrs Family Edition

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

If you are looking for a family board game to play over the festive period look no further than Mr & Mrs Family Edition from Rascals. Based on the hit tv show you soon find out how well you know your partner family and friends!

On opening the brightly coloured pink and blue box I found the following contents:

  • One pack of 100 pink family edition question cards
  • One pack of 12 blue “it’s a match” cards
  • One pack of 20 orange paddle round cards
  • Four paddle cards
  • Two true cards
  • Two false cards
  • One partner pad half pink pages and half blue
  • Wipeable score card
  • Eight Score tokens
  • One A5 four page instruction leaflet

You will also need a pen or pencil for scoring, a whiteboard type pen would be useful for the score card.

The Mr & Mrs Family Edition game is suitable for age 10 upwards and for 2 or more players although it is a much more enjoyable game with more players and mixed teams.

To prepare for the game you form teams of two. The pairing cam be any gender or relationship, such as two friends of a mother and daughter. You then need to designate a host to ask questions and take down your answers. If there is an odd number of players one becomes the host, if there is an even number of players you can have a host pair. Each pair then gets a blue and pink partner pad each, it doesn’t matter about gender, and a team letter A, B, C or D.

Once you have paired up with either your partner or friend you get asked questions about your pair while the other player stays silent. Round 1 has 6 questions, 3 to each partner. The difference between this game and the traditional Mr & Mrs game is although there are three questions on the front of each card that are suitable for any player, on the reverse are four more specific questions with one each for man, woman, boy and girl.

The host asks you three questions, you write your answer on the partner pad so your pair can’t see and hand it back to the host. Then the host asks the questions again and your partner answers verbally. If your two answers match you score a point. There are also four blank question cards so that you can personalise the questions should you wish.

Round 2 is the paddle round which is great fun, you and your pair both get two paddles, one blue and one pink. Then the teams are asked questions in turn and each part of the pair must hold up a paddle. If you both hold up the same colour, then your team gets a point. Its thinking on your feet at its finest, brilliant if there is a load of you in the game.

As an alternative Round 2 you can play the ‘It’s a match’ round instead of the paddle round. The host asks you a question with a true or false answer. If you both get the correct answer you get two points, if you both get the wrong answer you get one point, if you both get different answers, even if one is correct you get zero points. The It’s a Match questions are general knowledge and not partner specific, so it gives the game an extra twist, working well with people who don’t know each other quite so well. At the end of the game the scores are all totalled and the pair with the most points wins. You can also play as a two player game but I must admit its not as fun and a bit more confrontational!

A brilliant game for the Christmas season particularly for groups of friends and family, its great fun but you can also learn things you never knew about them giving you some ideas for next years gifts perhaps.

Whether brought as a gift for Christmas or just as an addition to your festive games’ cupboard the Mr & Mrs Family Edition will soon get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £16.80

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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