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Mother’s Day Gifts at Tesco Review

Reviewed by Tracey Flintham

I received a £15 Tesco gift card in order to purchase items from the Mother’s Day range. I was quite impressed as there was a good selection of gifts on offer. There were several gardening items, including a gardening journal for £6, gloves and secateurs for £10 and a trowel and fork set for £10. If gardening isn’t Mum’s ‘thing’, then there are several mugs at a very reasonable £2 with a choice of Mum, Nan or Grandma written on. As an extension from the simple mugs, there was a mug with handcare products included, a mug with a small teddy included with Grandma or Mummy written on the front for £5 and a pretty teacup with teabags for £8. There were also cushions, toast racks with jams to make breakfast in bed and a set which included a biscuit and icing which could be used to personally decorate the biscuit and many more.

My daughter came to Tesco’s with me and she chose a tea light holder, which contained several chocolates wrapped in red foil for £7, some glittery pink tea lights for £1.50 and a decorate your own mug set, for £6, which had a mug, 6 paints and a brush. The tea light holder is a good size, but not too heavy with a heart shape at the front. It can be easily moved around and looks pretty once the candle inside is lit. The decorate your own mug set is perfect for making a simple personalised gift and everybody likes to receive a gift which has been decorated by their child or grandchild and my girls soon set to work on the mug to add their own personal touch!


I was concerned that £15 would not purchase much from the range, however the range is reasonably priced throughout from £2 to £10 and a good selection of gifts could be purchased for £15. There are also many Mother’s Day cards on offer from 25p for a basic card up to £5 for the more luxurious range. The selection allows anybody to purchase a gift regardless of budget, which means younger children can use pocket money if they wish. As there were a couple of items which can be personalised, whether it be the biscuit set or the mug sets, it allows you put a personal touch to the items before giving them. It’s perfect for Dads to take their children to choose presents for Mum without any stress and I think any mum would be pleased to receive any of the gifts on offer in the Tesco range.

So don’t forget to buy your gift for Mother’s Day on 15 March 2015.

Rating: 5/5

To buy your Mother’s Day gifts visit Tesco in-store nationwide or online at www.tesco.com.


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