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MobileFun Playstation 3 Gift Pack Review

Playstation 3 Gift Pack

Reviewed by David Savage

This Playstation 3 Gift Pack from MobileFun comes with a stand so that you can store your PS3 vertically, saving space, a PS3 Move Quad Dock to store and charge Playstation Move controllers (2 Move and 2 Navigation controllers), a HDMI Cable and Orbyx Bluetooth Headset.

PS3 Compatible Simple Stand
This is a simple strong and durable plastic stand that your slim PS3 console will fit into to store your PS3 vertically saving space and creating a better airflow around the console which will help prevent overheating. The stand rubber grips on the bottom preventing movement and keeps the PS3 secure.

HDMi Cable
If you have a high definition TV then you will need this cable to enhance your gameplay. This HDMI cable fully supports HDMI 1.3 specification to work with all HDMI compatible devices providing full-HD display resolution.

PS3 Move Compatible Quad Dock
Store and charge 2 PS3 Move controllers and 2 navigation controllers. Simply plug into the USB and you are ready to go. Not only can you get the controllers charged but is a great storage device too, keeping everything new and tidy.

Orbyx Multipoint Bluetooth Headset
This is a thin and lightweight Bluetooth wireless rechargeable headset. Pairs with upto 8 devices and can be used with 2 devices at any one time. It is very comfortable in the ear. To charge just plug in the adapter and plug into the USB port. Great for voice calling and online gaming.

Overall, this Playstation 3 Gift Pack from MobileFun is excellent. All very easy to use and set up and some great space devices. For only £19.95 I think this is great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

Buy this PS3 Gift Pack from MobileFun here.

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