Mind Body Spirit Festival May 2024 at Kensington Olympia London Review


Reviewed by Lisa Warren

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the woo-woo waters or already knee-deep in your spiritual journey, the Mind Body Spirit Festival is the ultimate destination! Get your groove on with dance, reset your mind with meditation, upgrade with some life coaching, and feel the flow in a movement workshop.

Central to the festival is a bustling marketplace brimming with organic beauty products, tinctures, oils, and jewellery. It’s a treasure trove of talented folks sharing their creations. You can snag a tuning fork, a sound bowl, find your perfect tarot deck, or indulge in various healing sessions.

Photo credit: Mind Body Spirit Festival
PD- Women giving talk on the main stage, with sat having readings taken. Audience. The backdrop is bright with All You Need is Love written on it.

Pro tip: Wear comfy shoes, bring a water bottle, and pack some snacks. I clocked over 20k steps, refilled my bottle five times, and was ravenous by the end of the first day. There’s food, but the lines are long. I only saw 3 outlets, plus a juice bar and cafe. Thankfully, water fountains are plentiful for easy refills.

The festival is a cacophony of talks, workshops, and sessions with top-tier gurus and spiritual trailblazers. I caught a few talks, signed up for a masterclass, and had an amazing workshop locating my spirit animal! The vibe was electric with entrepreneurs, musicians, healers, and a joyful crowd all aiming to make the world a better place.

Along one side of the venue and in the centre were astrologers, card, tarot, and palm readers. You get a directory with bios to find your perfect match. I had my cards read and it was fairly priced, with plenty of options to try different readings over the four days.

My Friday ended in the Wellbeing Studio with some Afro Trance Dance™ – my first ecstatic dance experience, and I’m hooked! Sober day dancing is trending, and the natural highs from the music, movement, and community are like nothing else I have encountered.

Day two was my shopping spree. By noon, my backpack was full of tinctures, teas, and a “Spiritually Hungry” tee. I joined an intimate Alchemy of Sound workshop in a small yurt with 14 other women, a coven nonetheless!, where we located our power animals. Despite some outside noise, it was a powerful experience.

Though I skipped yoga and meditation (I felt pretty grounded already), there were plenty of options throughout the day. The event was well-organized with schedules posted daily, making it easy to find where you wanted to go, even though you could hear most of it from anywhere in the venue.

Photo credit: Mind Body Spirit Festival
PD – A man and a woman having some massage


Photo credit: Mind Body Spirit Festival
PD – 3 people, 2 sat crossed legged, 1 kneeling, with their Treatment, with a small crowd behind at a talk. eyes closed in a meditation class

Booking and info about exhibitors, workshops, and directions are all on the event website, with tickets via Eventbrite. It’s easy to get to with its own train station linked to Clapham Junction and beyond. Central London bus routes stop nearby, and there’s limited on-site parking with more options within walking distance.

The venue, with a 1000-year history, boasts an amazing glass roof (a bit warm, though). Refreshments were reasonably priced for central London. The venue was clean, and the staff were always around, making it a pleasant experience. You could bring your own food, with picnic tables available.

The festival team were wonderful – smiley and approachable, from security to the entrance team and beyond.. It’s great value for money, but remember, festival prices apply for purchases and experiences. Workshops and classes offer great value too, with options to pay as you go or get an Ultimate pass, which includes 16 workshops and a goody bag!

Kensington Olympia is fully accessible, with lifts and wheelchair-friendly entrances. The tall glass ceilings create a light, airy space, though it was busy with stands and people, so if you’re not comfortable with crowds, this might not be for you. However, the vibe was friendly and accommodating.

I loved the energy, though it was overwhelming at times, so I took regular breaks. For the neurodiverse, the festival can be overstimulating with numerous simultaneous events, exhibitors offering different frequencies, aromas, and experiences. Bring tools to help soothe and block out some of the noise and frequencies.

Overall, it was an incredible experience, packed with activities, insights, and a warm, welcoming community, a festival that I will return to!

Mind Body Spirit Festival London May 2024.
Kensington Olympia, London.

Rating: 4/5

Day ticket £20 Adult £10 Child ( children under 10 free)
Sat & Sun ticket £30
4 day pass £55
Ultimate Festival Pass £200 (16 workshops & goody bag)
If a group of 4 books together £65 per day.

Workshops/readings/events – individual prices on day.£20 upwards.

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