Miles Kelly Super Science Series Review


Reviewed by Anna Barker

There are 4 individual books in the Super Science Experiment series –
Matter and Materials
Air and Water
Light and Sound
Electricity and Magnets

These can be purchased individually or as a combined book containing all 40 experiments.

Each book proclaims that it contains “10 amazing experiments”. The books each follow the same format with notes for adult helpers, a list of required equipment and a brief introduction to the science behind the experiments. Each experiment has an attractive double-page full colour spread with step-by-step photos and instructions and then a short explanation. There is also a quiz section at the back. The cover price is £6.99 per book.

The Miles Kelly website shows all 4 books (currently retailing at £5.24 each) and another composite book (Super Science Experiments – 40 amazing experiments RRP £12.99) which now retails at £9.75. The website lists the books in the age brackets 6-9 and 9-12. I think this is probably about right, although the text might be too dense for younger readers and some of the experiments might be too shallow for older children.


The experiments in each book are quite simple but that is appropriate for the target age group. Fortunately, the materials needed for each experiment are quite simple too. The only things that I couldn’t immediately lay my hands on are strips of wire, a torch bulb and some Epsom salts but I’m fairly sure I could buy them on a quick trip to town.

There are some experiments that could be carried out by older children by themselves but the majority require an adult helper. In any event, I suspect that an unaccompanied child would not find the experiments as much fun and would probably not fully appreciate the science behind the experiments. Some of the experiments are definitely fun and educational at the same time – who can argue with a book that suggests you fill a balloon with flour and then pop it to demonstrate the relative difference in the speed of light and sound?! I’m not sure that all the experiments would be as interesting but then different people like different things (my mess-hating husband would loathe the balloon experiment).


I’m certain that my children would enjoy receiving these books and we could happily spend time experimenting in the summer holidays. I’m not sure if I would buy the individual books as I think the price is a bit steep. I would probably buy the composite book, as the 40 experiments in 1 volume is a much better buy.

Experiments included are:
To make electric balloons, to make simple electric circuits, to make a buzzing noise using an electromagnet, to make a picture flicker book, strings make musical notes, light races sound, to create crystals, to separate the salt and water in salty water, to use a cabbage to show what is acid and what is alkali and many more to educate and entertain.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.99 to £12.99

Available to buy from Miles Kelly here.

4 Star

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