Michelin 504 Road Map South East England Review

Michelin 504 Road Map
Regional South East England, The Midlands and East Anglia Map

Reviewed by Shelley East

I was very excited to review this map! I live in the South East and being from up North heavily rely on the sat nav to get me from A to B beyond my local town.
The map is compact and is folded within itself and once opened up displays a menu that makes the map easy to understand. It can be easily folded to display the area you wish to see and contains an index and shipping information if wanting to cross the water by car.
It also has a separate map of Greater London, Central London and a large map of Manchester and Birmingham. This map is ideal for use by road but also if travelling by train.
The map also contains 'key' information in a menu form on the roads, numbering and signs, sport and recreation facilities and information on transportation and sights to see within the area you are travelling. This information is given in four different languages.
There is a large grid that shows the driving distance and the time it should take to get there.
It’s such a handy size for a glove box or handbag and perfect for a passenger to hold in the car to help navigate the driver without obstructing the view in the windscreen.
I must admit I'm not the best with maps but have a family break shortly to Great Yarmouth so I have tested the map!! (I cross referenced the location to find the grid reference and was able to plan my route without the sat nav so easily! I was very impressed!)
A must have for anyone living or travelling in the South East. Simple and easy to use and you don't need a degree to understand it like other complicated map books on the market. Well done Michelin!

Rating: 5/5

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