Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment Review


Reviewed by Hayley McLaren

‘Metanium everyday barrier ointment’ is a staple product in our house and so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review it.  The ointment is best known as a protection for nappy rash and I have used it for this with both my children when they were in nappies, in this regard it really is a wonder cream. Nappy rash is extremely common in newborns and can be caused by their delicate skin being in contact with their urine and stools, nappies rubbing against babies skin, harsh baby wipes or fragranced soaps affecting the skins natural protective factors and the use of anti biotics or teething which can change the acidity of a babies stool/urine and cause irritation.
Metanium is a product that can be used as part of your daily changing routine to help prevent nappy rash- stopping it in its tracks before it can begin. This can prevent the discomfort and pain that nappy rash can bring. Metanium works by forming a barrier that will protect the skin from
external irritants. By applying a pea sized amount onto clean dry skin at each change nappy rash can be prevented entirely.

Personally I chose not to use this product until my babies were 6 weeks of age as I avoid using products of any kind on my babies skin before this time however if you choose to you can use from birth. The product comes in a metal tube with a plastic lid that is boxed on purchase. There are clear instructions explaining how to use and store the cream and precautions.

Parents should read all of the information before using this on their babies.
I found the cream went on easily, it was not absorbed directly into the skin but formed a thin layer on the surface. Which creates the protective barrier.
When friends and family have a new baby I often create them a baby hamper of essential new mum products. I like to include all of the things that I myself have found invaluable when caring for my children and metanium everyday barrier cream is always included. Also available from metanium is a barrier lotion and a treatment for nappy rash. The barrier cream is a preventative measure so it may be worth purchasing the full range so you are prepared for any eventuality. A baby with nappy rash is often uncomfortable and unsettled so anything that soothes it is worth it’s weight in gold in my book!

Metanium everyday protective barrier cream retails at £5.49 for a 40g tube and as only a pea sized amount is needed this should last for a fair amount of time. I think this is excellent value for money. The tube fits easily into a changing bag pocket and I personally always had one handy in the change bag and in the nursery. I also found it useful in winter time when my son would get sore skin around his lips going out in cold weather. This cream prevented that from occurring and was invaluable.

I would wholeheartedly recommend metanium everyday barrier ointment to prevent nappy rash, to my mind it’s by far the best product of its kind.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.49

For more information please see the Metanium website here.

Rating 5/5

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