Medela Breast Pump Review

Medela Breast Pump

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I have 17 week old twin boys and approximately a month ago I started to experience some problems with my milk supply. Until that time I had been managing to mix feed my babies, but they weren’t having as much breast milk as I would have liked. I had been pumping with a single electric pump. Some of the twin mummies I know recommended hiring a Medela Symphony breast pump as they were successfully exclusively breast feeding/expressed milk feeding their twins with one. I wish I had hired one when I first came out of hospital. The pump itself is compact in size with a handy carry handle. It also has a container to hold the containers you express into.  It has 2 phases at which you can express milk. The faster one is stimulation to stimulate your supply and start your milk flowing. The second is expression to express the milk efficiently and comfortably. You can also turn a knob to adjust how hard the device sucks. The pump comes in a handy but sturdy carry case.   

The pump is easy to assemble and use, the extensive instruction manual supplied answers any queries you might have. Sterilising the pieces is easy. I use my steam steriliser but you can also cold water sterilise them. Because the pump is a double version, expressing milk is done very efficiently. It is a real time saver. To give my supply that extra boost needed I have been power pumping in an evening for an hour, ten minutes on and ten minutes off. Having the hire pump has meant that I could continue feeding my boys in the way I wanted to. Medela staff have been so helpful. I even got some excellent advice from their lactation consultant. My boys were recently very snuffly with a sore throat and chest infection and lost their interest in breastfeeding. Having the pump meant I could maintain my supply by pumping. Once over the snuffles the boys went back to having breastfeeds. The pump has helped with my supply problems and saved me being very disappointed and switching them to having just formula.

I thought I would do an update on my Medela Sympany Breastpump review.  My now 4 month old twin boys have had several bouts of the snuffles since they were born. When this happens they tend to get frustrated about breastfeeding. The pump has been the perfect way to keep my breastmilk supply up at times when my boys haven’t been interested in breastfeeding.  I do wish that I had hired the pump for when I first came out of hospital. I have been mix feeding Tom & Jack from the start and think that had I had the dual pump earlier, I could have cut down the amount of formula milk they have had. That said, I am delighted with my boys being 4 months old and still pumping and breastfeeding. 

I recommend this Medela Hospital Grade Hire Pump to anyone who wants a powerful breast pump, in particular to anyone going back to work and mums of multiples. I hope to continue do a mix of pumping, formula feeding and breastfeeding until my boys are 6 months old. Hiring a breastpump definitely works out cheaper than buying formula.

The pump costs less than £1.50 a day and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone, particularly mums of premature babies, multiples or those going back to work. You can hire a breastpump direct from Medela who will deliver and collect it too! You can reach Medela on 0161 776 0400.  

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