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McGuigan Zero Sparkling Wine Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

The last time I tried a zero-alcohol product, albeit beer not wine, it totally put me off purchasing another, so I was very pleased to be sent the McGuigan Zero sparling wine to try out. I really wasn’t convinced that a non-alcoholic sparkling wine could taste anything like its alcoholic counterpart.

I am not a big drinker, but I do like a glass of wine with a meal, it makes it seem complete somehow, so I decided on Sunday night I would try the wine with a traditional Sunday roast. Whilst the bottle looks almost exactly like a standard bottle of prosecco in terms of shape and colour, the label clearly states Zero and that its alcohol free. It looks classy and expensive, a world away from the traditional sparkling grape drinks that used to be the only non-alcoholic option. I had put the bottle in the fridge the night before, so it was nicely chilled and ready to drink.

On popping the cork I could tell straight away that it was going to be full of bubbles as I could feel the pressure build up. The label states featuring crisp pear and green apple, so I was expecting it to be overly sweet or cider like but it was neither, it was so like a semi dry sparkling wine that I was expecting to feel giddy afterwards!

I would never normally drink a whole bottle in one sitting and even having no alcohol in the wine it was always destined to go back in the fridge for another day. The label on the reverse of the bottle says consume within two days of opening, which I thought may mean it loses its fizz quickly. I couldn’t be more wrong, day two and it was as full of bubbles as if I had just opened it, I was very impressed. It really is an excellent alternative to an alcoholic sparkling wine. How the alcohol is extracted to leave the full flavour of the wine, I really don’t know, but however the process is done it certainly seems to be working.

There are many occasions that you wouldn’t want to drink alcohol, from pregnancy to taking anti biotics, and lots of people just don’t like the morning hangover. McGuigan Zero sparkling gives you the best of both worlds, a special celebratory drink that you can drink for any occasion at a sensible price. As designated driver I would be more than happy to take this along to any gathering or purchase it in my local restaurant to have with a meal. With the current lockdown we may not be out and about celebrating Valentines day this year but if you are wanting a night with a clear head whilst still feeling like you are celebrating, I would highly recommend McGuigan Zero Sparkling wine, elegant looking, full of bubbles and flavour, it’s the perfect addition for your special night. The wine can be easily purchased without a non-essential trip as it is readily available from most supermarkets, off licences and on line for around £5.00 per bottle.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.00

This product can be purchased here and from all good supermarkets.

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