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BigDug Garage Shelving Unit Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

We were lucky enough to receive a garage shelving unit recently to review from the company BigDug, who are a company that strives to save their customers time, space and money by offering the best storage solutions, to bring order and efficiency to their space. Bigdug offer everything from shelving and wracking, to workplace products and packing, so a rather large range of items.

The shelving unit we received came flat packed in what seemed like quite a small and light weight box. When we opened it, the pieces of the unit were very straightforward, containing lots of straight pieces, the shelves themselves, and the instructions. If you’ve ever tried to put flat pack furniture together, particularly trying to do it with a spouse, you’ll know that assembling flat pack furniture can almost lead to divorce! We’ve come to an agreement in our house that one of us reads the instructions and one does the work to put the items together, with help when needed, and that helps us not come to blows… in this case the instructions were very easy to follow and didn’t require any strange translation or guesswork, which was rather novel!

As a result, we were quickly able to identify the first pieces required and start to slot them together. The unit did not require any screws or implements to put it together, although the instructions suggested the use of a mallet to tap pieces together, if needed. We found that a mallet wasn’t necessary though as it all went together a bit like a large meccano set! You started by building one side, then the other. The sides were connected with the shelf supports, and then you could easily put the MDF shelves in place. There are braces to fit under each shelf too, to ensure they don’t bow in the middle when you put items on them. The unit itself is made from a red powder coated steel frame, and has 5 adjustable MDF shelves, so you can place them wherever you need them to be. They are very easy to move around, as the shelf supports just slot into place, so it would be simple to change the layout as and when required.

When we were building the unit we weren’t sure how sturdy it would be however once it was all put together it felt quite strong, even though you could take it apart again easily if needed. The unit measures 1780mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep and can take up to 175kg in weight per shelf. As you can see in the photo there are several items on it already for us which are very heavy in weight and it is coping well. Due to the lightweight nature of the unit without items on it, it is very easy to move around and position where you need it, and as mentioned above you can pack it down flat again if required at any point for storage or moving.

Overall we were very impressed by this simple but effective garage shelving unit and would certainly recommend it. You can purchase additional units to join together, and also shelf brackets for extra security if needed. My husband has far too much stuff in his shed so this was an absolutely perfect item for him to give him the extra storage space he needed. It would be a brilliant valentine’s day gift for the practically-minded loved one in your life, if they don’t usually like hearts, flowers and teddies!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £32.50

This product can be purchased from BigDug here.

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