Maxi-Cosi Lila SP Stroller Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

As a mum of four children, I have seen my fair share of pushchairs, strollers, umbrella buggies and travel systems over the last 30 years. Being a woman I have, I freely admit felt very challenged by some, and instantly returned. I am now older and wiser, and if I can’t put the stroller/pushchair up Lee Evans style, one handed using my knee, whilst holding the baby, the changing bag and my car keys in the other hand I’m not buying it. Now Nanny to an eight year old and a 11 month old, my quest for an easy life with the buggie I think is over! Enter the Maxi Cosi Lila SP Stroller.

I recently changed my car as we have two new grandchildren due to arrive April 2021, and my existing stroller didn’t fit in the boot of my cross without removing the wheels, to find it still didn’t fit in my boot. Who wants at 51 years old to be taking wheels on and off the stroller, not me, especially when it’s pouring with rain. So test number one, yes it fits in my boot, wheels and all. As soon as we opened the box, my husband said he was putting claim to this particular stroller. It went together very easily and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I like the fact the seat can be forward or rear facing. Violet road tested the stroller this weekend, it is suitable for age 6 months plus, so ideal for her, she loved being able to see her surroundings. It’s very easy to adjust the seat to, so if she was having a snooze, you can lay the seat quite flat. Loved the fact the handle has an adjustable height, perfect for Grandad who is taller than me. It’s a really good push, the front wheels have the option of being static or on swivel mode. It’s a solid quality stroller without feeling heavy. It has a great hood, with an inner net that you can pull down, not seen that before and will be a good thing in the summer if the baby is napping. My only moan is the footmuff, cosy toes to us older generation doesn’t come with it. It does come with a rain cover which does the job and was easy to put on the stroller. I was amazed considering how solid the stroller is to find how light it is, for us Nannies a bonus, it brings me out in a sweat these days, strapping a wriggling child into car seats/strollers needs to be done in quick smart time. So I was pleased I quickly mastered the straps and how to adjust them. My daughter in law was also immediately a fan, had she not invested in a double stroller, I fear I would have lost this to the new arrival due in April! I was caught in a snowstorm on our first outing, and due to a Nanny fail of leaving the rain cover at home, can also confirm it’s a good stroller to run with!! I would really recommend this product, as a technology challenged Nan, I can put the Stroller up and down after just two uses, which trust me, is a record, I think we are going to cover a lot of miles with this 🙂

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £399.00

This product can be purchased from Maxi Cosi direct here or Retailers.

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