Luke Jermay: Sixth Sense at The Lowry Review

The Lowry, Manchester

1 March 2015


Reviewed by Cathy Porteus

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Luke Jermay, as his write up at the Lowry was very brief. I enjoy magic shows and this was effectively a mix of traditional magic tricks mixed with more mystical acts, which we couldn’t work out how he did at all.

The warm up act was Chris Rawlins, who demonstrated his photographic memory by reproducing a noughts and crosses board, a phone number and a jumbled up word, after a just a few seconds glance. It was quite impressive in a way but wasn’t particularly entertaining, mainly because I felt as if I knew he was going to get them all right, or else he wouldn’t be there. The best part was when he also quoted the correct page and section in the dictionary for the unjumbled word, although I did wonder why he made up a reason to go to the back of the stage, this made me suspect he had help from someone behind the scenes.

The main act was Luke Jermay himself. He correctly guessed either the selected card or star sign of a number of audience members, then brought another six randomly selected people to the stage for further tricks. Luke invited two of them to choose paragraphs in a collection of books, then impressively described the feelings engendered by the words in the volunteers. For one, he got the audience to make a sound like the section of the book, which was fun and worked very well. Half of the randomly selected volunteers were sent back to the audience without taking much part in the show, perhaps because they were less suggestible than the ones chosen to participate more.

The second half of the show was in many ways more interesting. Luke asked the audience to submit questions that they would like answered about their lives. He then wrapped up his eyes in black tape and bandages, making himself look as if a turban had slipped over his face. He then fished seemingly random questions out of a box and answered them. Somehow he was able to work out what the question was, who asked it (he picked out the birthday of the questioner and often their name too) and he told them an answer. The level of detail in some cases was amazing, he ‘knew’ the name of one questioner’s partner, child and their business plans for the future. Luke had an occasional dud, one lady was guessed completely incorrectly, although he covered this to some extent by saying this might be her future rather than her present.

The show took place in the smaller of the Lowry’s theatres – the Gallery. The seats were not allocated, which meant queuing for entrance, but this didn’t take too long. Unfortunately I found the seats very uncomfortable, they were lacking in padding and I shifted around awkwardly throughout the evening. Overall though the Lowry is a great venue, with plenty of parking and the Metrolink nearby.

It was an entertaining evening and I think would have been even better if I had submitted a question myself, I’d advise other people to be ready to dash forward to grab a question card if they want to join in.

Rating: 4.5/5

Luke Jermay is currently touring the UK, for more information visit www.sixthsenseshow.com.

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000

4 half Star

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