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Little Live Pets Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

What little girl isn’t completely in love with unicorns at the moment? My youngest daughter is completely besotted with them and we have more of them in the house than I can count! She adores them, and like lots of little girls, has a very sweet caring streak, meaning she spends an awful lot of her time looking after her unicorn family and making sure they are happy and well. She puts them to bed, looks after them when they fall over or are poorly and gives them an awful lot of love and cuddles.

The Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set from Little Live Pets, an interactive and cuddly unicorn who needs looking after, seemed to be the perfect toy for her. The Unicorn Vet Set includes a beautiful, white unicorn with a light-up horn to tell you how she’s feeling as well as a collection of unicorn-specific vet tools to help you look after her and keep her happy. The set comes beautifully presented in open packaging, so you can touch and stroke your Rainglow unicorn and even try her out as well as being able to see all of the accessories that she comes with. Included in the set is:

  • Rainglow interactive unicorn
  • Thermometer (furmometer)
  • Stethoscope (sparklescope)
  • Magic bandage
  • Dream cream
  • Magical unidrops bottle of treats

Unpacking our new unicorn, Rainglow, didn’t take long at all, which is great as she had the ‘try me’ mode switched on whilst she was still in the packaging and my daughter had been pushing Rainglow’s nose to get a reaction from her. She was certainly very eager to get her properly unpacked and played with! Rainglow is quite simply gorgeous – she’s a white unicorn with purple and turquoise legs, golden hooves and sparkly pink ears. She’s got a fabulous purple and pink tail and mane as well as sparkly blue eyes and her crystal horn. Put simply, my daughter absolutely adored her from the moment she saw her, as did I!

Rainglow has two modes – Rainbow Mode, where she is happy, healthy and playful, and Magical Vet Mode where she isn’t feeling too well and needs your help and the magical vet set to make her feel better. To play with Rainglow, you will need to inset 4x AAA batteries, two inside each of the back legs. Her back hooves are also where you will be able to power her on and off as well as switching between Rainbow Mode and Magical Vet Mode.

The Magical Vet Mode was the first one my daughter wanted to try out – no great surprise there! Rainglow’s horn indicates to you how she’s feeling – red means she’s feeling unwell, green is for when she’s feeling ‘normal’, and blue indicates that she’s feeling super happy and healthy. When Rainglow isn’t feeling too well, it’s down to you to use your vet set to determine what the matter with her is and to treat her. The sparklescope is used on her chest, the dream cream and magical bandage on her leg and the furmometer and unidrops can be popped in her mouth.

My daughter’s favourite thing to do was listen to Rainglow’s chest with the sparklescope – she has a pink heart on her chest and if you hold the sparklescope to her chest, not only can you hear her heart, her horn glows with the rhythm of her heartbeat. From there, we moved onto looking after the boo-boo on Rainglow’s leg. Again, this is a pink love heart to show you where you need to treat and where she will react to your care. When her dream cream is applied, she scrunches her eyes up and winces, as if her boo-boo is hurting. Whilst the cream is being applied, her horn glows in multicolour until the cream is removed and she neighs to tell you that she’s feeling better! It really is lovely to play with and my daughter thoroughly enjoys applying the dream cream before popping the magical bandage on to cover her wound.

Rainglow also loves having her temperature taken with the furmometer, and when she detected the furmometer in her mouth, she closes her mouth around it to allow you to take her temperature. Once you remove it to read her temperature, she makes lots of really cute noises to tell you that she knows you’re trying to help her. We also loved making Rainglow sneeze! She’s absolutely adorable when she does, and playing with her nose gives her a real dose of the sniffles before she unleashes a magical unicorn-style sneeze!

Whether she is in Rainbow mode or Magical Vet mode, Rainglow loves being petted and stroked more than anything. If you stroke her back, she will neigh contentedly whilst moving her head to snuggle up to you – whether she’s feeling well or not, nothing makes her happier than being stroked and loved. Finally, she loves to snooze, and we loved the sweet snuffling sleeping noises that she makes whilst she’s having a nap.

We absolutely loved trying out Rainglow. She is completely adorable to look at and the way she interacts is so very sweet. We love the way her eyes scrunch up, and the animation in her face is absolutely adorable. My daughter can easily tell how her new pet is feeling and loves treating her and helping her to feel better. Rainglow has over 40 different sounds and reactions so there’s always something new and playing with her always feels fresh and new. We have loved looking after her, trying to care for her so her horn goes from red to blue to tell us that she’s feeling happy and well.

Both Rainglow herself and all of the accessories she comes with are fantastic quality and everything works perfectly every time we play with her. She’s super soft and lovely to stroke and cuddle. I simply can’t imagine a better Christmas gift for a little girl with a nurturing streak who loves unicorns – it’s perfect!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

Available to buy from or Amazon here.

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