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Learning Resources Pretend & Play® Original School Set Review


Reviewed by Lynsey Miller

The Learning Resources School Set is a fantastic addition to any pre school child’s playroom. My four year old daughter has had loads of fun this week pretending to be at school while actually learning and for a change sitting and listening to what I say!

The set is well thought out. It has a variety of learning resources to keep your little one interested. And has great little school like accessories such as the bell and pointer which not only has my daughter loved playing with but also my baby boy has had no end of fun with.

One of the best features of this set is that it all packs away into a carry around folder. Not just perfect for storing away when not in use but easy for you and children to move around the house or even take away from home.

The set is sturdy and folds out into three sides which stands up with no problem. There is a clock and whiteboard in the middle which has a wipeable pen and duster included. Either side has removable reversible cards for geography dates and weather. There is also little slots which include small workbooks for numbers and letters, homework and rewards / incentives. And a little pouch to hold all the supplies such as the bell and pencils etc. It really does work incredibly well.

It is the perfect educational tool for pre schoolers starting to learn but also for slightly older children to practise what they have been learning at school. It adds that little bit of fun into what at times may be boring for your little one. It definitely has held my daughters attention far more than if I were to have her practice her letters and numbers on just a pad of paper. The whole role play has provided endless fun for us.

The set is great quality. The folder is made from a what looks like an easy clean material which will be excellent in keeping the set like new. It’s nice and bright and looks fantastic. Once the resources included are finished the folder would easily lend itself for further resources as your child gets older.

The certificates of excellence, scorecards, homework records and reward stickers are a great way to incentivise and encourage your little one. My daughter gets so excited when she gets a sticker!

My daughter has also had great fun tracking and marking the weather throughout the day with the weather calendar – trying to pick which weather symbol best matches the weather outside. Living in Scotland we can end up with a variety before the day is out so have had lots of discussion about what exactly the weather is and why it does what it does. So again a great opportunity to educate through play.

I have already recommended this set to some Mum friends it really is value for money. I would give this set a huge five out of five stars.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: The set retails at £34 but can be widely sourced for slightly less online.

This product can be purchased from Learning Resources here.

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