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Flipover Frog Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

As a family we all enjoy playing games together and are always on the lookout for different games to try that will keep both adults and children entertained. We tend to play even more games during school holidays and, with Easter fast approaching, I was really pleased to be asked to try out Flipover Frog from Hub Games as a potential Easter gift. Over the last few years we have tended to give the children a game or toy alongside a small Easter egg, rather than overloading them with chocolate so this sounded like it could fit the bill nicely.

When the Flipover Frog game arrived, I was immediately impressed with the brightly coloured box, which was really attractive and also reassuringly small so wouldn’t take up too much space in our already overflowing games cupboard. On opening the box, I wasn’t disappointed, everything inside the box was wonderfully colourful and beautifully illustrated with colourful frogs and rainforests. The contents consisted of a game board (which folds into four so fits neatly into the box), four round frog tokens, 36 square tiles illustrated with frogs and snakes and an instruction leaflet. All of the pieces were made of really sturdy cardboard, the pieces needed to be pressed out before playing and the surrounding card could just be popped into the recycling bin which was great.

Flipover Frog is aimed at children aged 6+ and is for 2-4 players so is ideal for us, as my sons are 6 and 9. At the start of the game each player picks one of the round frog tokens which shows them what colour frog they will be for the game, this needs to be kept secret from the other players (which did prove a little challenging for my 6-year-old so we had to build him a barrier to hide his cards behind!). Players also draw three square tiles from the pile of cards and keep these a secret from the other players too. The aim of the game is to be the player with the most frogs of your colour face up on the board at the end of the game. This is done by placing cards on the board, and flipping other cards over depending on which way the arrows on the placed card are pointing, there are also snake cards which when played means that cards can be removed from the board. We particularly liked the fact that the most brightly dressed player started the game, which more often than not did turn to be our 6-year-old (much to my 9-year old’s disappointment).

It was really easy to learn the rules of the game and it was interesting to see how you could go from a position of feeling certain that you were going to win, to having hardly any frogs of your colour on the board in just a few turns. It soon became evident that Flipover Frog is actually a really clever game of memory and strategy, but is also very simple to learn to play and we all got the hang of it very quickly. Each game is also pretty short taking on average 15 minutes to play, which is a good amount of time for my children to concentrate. We all really enjoyed playing this game and have played many times already, and are already starting to get better at remembering where our frogs are and planning ahead to work out where we will put our tiles to give us the best chance of winning. At this point I should also mention that the instruction leaflet included was really easy to follow and very well illustrated. There are also some videos to watch on the hub games website about playing the game which were really useful too.

I would highly recommend Flipover Frog, it is a great game for all the family (up to four players), it is good quality, quick to learn and play and doesn’t take up much space. Both my sons really enjoyed it and when I asked them how they would rate it they both said “5 out of 5”. Oh, and it would make a great Easter gift too!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99 (currently (editor’s note – at the time of writing the review) on offer for £6.29)

This product can be purchased from Zatu Games here.

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