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Laundrapp Review

Dry Cleaning & Laundry to Your Door

Reviewed by Louise Watts

With the world as it is, everybody is busy. Busy working, busy with the kids, busy with so many things that we can’t begin to explain why we are so busy! Imagine a world where someone knocks on your door, collects your washing, washes and irons it and then delivers it back to your door… sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well ladies and gentleman, I have the pleasure in telling you that this service is not fantasy anymore, it is real and comes in the name of “Laundrapp”.

Simply visit Laundrapp.com and check that your local area is covered and then choose your items, pick your pick up and delivery date and you are ready to go! Alternatively, download the Laundrapp app and do the same. I downloaded the app which was simple then checked out the products on offer along with the prices. I decided I would choose 1 x king size bed set (sheet, duvet cover and 4 pillow cases) for £25, 3 x tee shirts at £2.60 each and 1 x blouse at £6. This totalled £38.80. I chose my pick up slot and delivery slot and booked my order in – incredibly simple and easy to do! Part one of the process complete.

There are many items available to have laundered / dry cleaned including suits, ties, jackets, skirts, shirts, blouses, bed sets, duvets – the list is endless as well as the option of simply having a load of washing washed, dried, folded and returned to your door.

On the day of my pick up slot, I was very excited. I had my dirty washing ready to be collected. My slot was booked on a Monday morning between 10 – 11am. Promptly at 10am, my doorbell rang and there stood this lovely, polite and friendly lady who was going to take my laundry away and have it cleaned for me. When your delivery is collected from you, they bring 2 bags – one for laundry with special instructions / dry cleaning and the other for anything that can be washed on a general setting.  All of my items were for general laundering so they all went into the same bag and off the lady went.

My app was updated and it said that my items were being processed. By downloading the app, you can see your account very clearly and this enables you to see exactly how far down the process your order is as well as being able to track your driver when delivering your laundry back to you – an absolute treat in this busy world. Whilst an hours’ time slot is narrow, the app enables you to see even more specifically what time you can expect your items to be returned.

I continued with my life over the next few days until it was time for my laundry to be returned to me. Again, I had booked the 10 – 11am time slot on the Friday. This could not have come at a better time as I was due to change my bed linen today and was very much looking forward to using my beautifully laundered duvet set and my work uniforms were also being treated to a professional wash ready for work on Saturday and Sunday. I received a notification that morning to say that my laundry would be expected to arrive at 09:56 and that I could track my delivery to see exactly where it was. I duly did this and sure enough my delivery arrived as promptly as it had been collected with the same lovely lady returning it to me.

It arrived packaged nicely. My blouse looked pressed, smart and ready to wear which believe me it did not look like before it went off to be washed! My polo shirts for work looked fresh and it almost made me look forward to the weekend of work ahead. My daughters tee shirt which looked fit for the bin before it went off came back looking lovely and white and I know my daughter will be very pleased with the results. Al the tops were covered in a bag like covering keeping them clean and tidy. My duvet set came all neatly packaged in a bag and you could see how nice it was by the effort put into the folding. I took it all upstairs, hung the tops and got ready to put the sheets on my bed. As I opened then packaging, I was greeted with a lovely fresh smell. I made my bed and looked forward to getting into it later to go to sleep!

I am thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Laundrapp and cannot even begin to tell you how easy and stress free it was. If I had the money, I would have all of my laundry cleaned this way but sadly at the moment, that is not in my budget! I have tried to think about where the service could be improved but I really cannot think of anything that would make it any better. The whole process from start to finish is seamless.

For me, this is not a service I would use all of the time as it is a luxury not a necessity to have my laundry professionally cleaned. However, when I need suits or more expensive items dry cleaned then I will most definitely be using Laundrapp again! I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anybody who wants their laundry cleaned professionally or dry cleaned, I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to see if Laundrapp is available in your area visit laundrapp.com.

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