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Lakeland Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop And Hard Surface Floor Deep Cleaner Review


Reviewed by Louise Edwards

As we approach Spring you may be thinking of having a bit of a “spring clean” and I know at least in my house this is something that we are definitely in need of!

Having four of us in the house pretty much all the time, with homeschooling and homeworking in lockdown, cleaning the house doesn’t always get the thorough job it needs.

Always on the lookout for anything time and space-saving, the Bona Premium Microfibre Floor Mop for all Hard Floors is the ideal mop for hard floors.

Bona is pioneer in the highest quality wood floor care products for professionals and homeowners and protect and care for the floors of Westminster Cathedral, Nike headquarters, professional sports arenas, and museums worldwide – so this tells you they must be the best quality!

The Mop

Included in the box is the telescoping mop pole which is height adjustable, mop base, a bona microfiber cleaning pad, and the mop grip end. The mop was very easy to put together – the various parts just clicked together and the cleaning pad attached with a velcro-like suction.

The base plate of the mop head is extra large to cover lots of ground in one sweep which is always useful.

The Cleaner

The spray cleaner is an antibacterial formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses suitable for stone, tile, laminate and vinyl floors.

What did we think?

This system is for use after you have vacuumed the floor well and it is free of debris. Firstly, you spray the cleaners and then use the mop to clean and disinfect.

I tried it on oak wooden floors and tiled floors and it worked really well on both surfaces. I have two cats who are always leaving little muddy footprints about so this was the perfect solution to keep the floors fresh and clean.

After a good vaccuum up I sprayed the antibacterial cleaner. I sprayed the floor first and then put the cleaner down to use two hands to really get a good wipe on the floor. This was a bit awkward but you can also get a spray mop where the liquid cleaner is located within the mop so you can spray and mop a little easier.

Obviously with solid oak floors you want to avoid getting the floor too wet as this can lead the wood to warp so the spray and mop system worked perfectly and with amazing results.

The spray doesn’t have any scent, as this is more sustainable and better for the environment and for us. It also has no ammonia, phosphates, alcohol, phthalates and chlorine.

I loved the fact that it is an antibacterial formula but is it is sustainable and is waterbased and biodegradeable so is better for us and the planet.

The mop is excellent quality, a good size for cleaning quickly and effectively and does a brilliant job. You can easily remove the cleaning pad and wash it for use again. It can actually be washed up to 300 times without losing its effectiveness and you can buy replacements from Lakeland if you need a spare.

The spray is an amazing product that dries fast, streak free and is ready to use.

Rating: 5/5

Mop £22.99
Cleaner £9.99

The mop can be purchased from Lakeland here.
The floor cleaner can be purchased from Lakeland here.

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