Kinetik Wellbeing Fully Automated Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

Most people worry about their health, and many of us look out for gadgets and gizmos like Blood pressure monitors to try out at home to help see how our bodies are getting on and try to keep to a healthy lifestyle.

There is so many blood pressure monitors out there all at various prices, so it can be hard to decide which is best, so I always think it’s good to check out people’s reviews. And as I suffer from high blood pressure, I was pleased to be chosen to review the Fully Automated Blood Pressure Monitor from Kinetik Wellbeing.

The box arrived containing the universal adult size arm cuff (22-42cm), an easy to read with large digital numbers blood pressure monitor, good to see batteries are included, and you get an information user manual, and a small quick guide leaflet. 

First of all, you must read all the way through the user manual, then you will be ready to set up the bp monitor – very simple to do. Basically, just insert the batteries, click the pipe from the cuff into the side of the monitor and you are ready to go.

The manufacturer does recommend first of all each time you use this you need to sit and rest for a while.

They also recommend the very first time you use it you do a ‘test’ on each of your arms. So I sat comfortably and quiet for around 15 minutes or so and then placed their cuff on my left arm, pressed the start/stop button and relaxed while it quickly inflated, I made a note of the reading and then did the same again in my right arm and made a quick note of the reading. Whichever arm gives the best reading is the arm you should in future always do your readings with.

When doing the reading you really must sit and relax for a good 15-20 minutes before taking a reading and still sit still and quiet whilst it is inflating.

Really good to read that the cuff is a universal latex free cuff, so suitable to use on both arms, and the monitor measures on inflating rather than just showing the reading at the end. It also as a pulse detector so at the bottom of the screen you see a little heart ❤ pumping away when your pulse is detected.

The monitor also can detect possible irregular heartbeat during the measurements which is also very reassuring.

And the device stores up to 90 of your readings which you can view by pressing the mem button, and keep pressing to stroll through them all.

The manual gives you examples of what the reading maybe, and offers advice on any results like simply practice a healthy lifestyle or speak to a healthcare professional.

For a number of years I have suffered with high blood pressure and even though on daily medication it does worry me sometimes that only time my BP has been checked is at my 6 month medication check or once when I wasn’t feeling 100% and a visit to my GP confirmed my BP was quite high so I needed a bit of ‘chill time’.  And now being able to sit at home, relax for a little while and check with my own BP monitor, I think is rather reassuring that if I am worried about any of the readings I will be able to contact my GP with any concerns.

And maybe I won’t ever have to wear a 24 hour BP monitor from the doctor like I once did… The doctor said carry on all your daily task as normal, not a good idea to drive to local supermarket though, drive round a roundabout as it starts to inflate… Not a good experience hence the high reading.

Hopefully I can just stick to my new Kinetik one.

All in all this, is a very comfy cuff and there was only a couple of occasions over the past week whilst trialling the item that I didn’t quite fit  it properly and it became too tight whilst inflating, but I just quickly pressed stop, waited a while and did it again .

It is very easy to look after can be just wiped down. My husband had a go as well so we are now both looking forward to regular checks at home – definitely for peace of mind.

If you are worried about a family member/friend of even yourself this could be a perfect Christmas gift idea. Tell them you care about them so much that you want to keep an eye on any underlying health problems that aren’t always noticed unless you use items like this!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

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