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Kambukka Bora Food Jar


Reviewed by Emily

I received one of Kambukka’s Bora Food Jars to review. Kambukka is a Belgian company with a sustainability ethos, producing high quality, stylish drinkware that will last.

The food jar arrived with minimal packing and labels which always makes me happy, nothing worse than having to find scissors and fight with layers of plastic! The food jar had only a label held in by the lid, then some paper instruction inside it.

I received the Chief Panda design which is bright, colourful and easily identified. Also being a unisex design so can be used by anyone.
It has a capacity of 400ml and is suitable for cold and hot food, keeping food hot for up to 6 hours. A larger version holding 600ml is also available. The jar is metal with a plastic lid that is BPA free. It has a silicon band around it to prevent touching the hot surface and to help with grip, especially opening and closing the jar. The lid can go in the dishwasher but the jar needs to be hand washed. It is not suitable for use in the microwave or to put in a freezer.

I followed the instruction of heating the jar with hot water to warm it before placing the food in the jar. A useful tip is to leave the hot contents to sit for 3 minutes without the lid on to prevent a steam build up which can cause internal pressure and leaks. After screwing the lid on tightly we did lots of tipping upside (as it would in a lunch bag) and it definitely doesn’t leak!

Before opening the jar, the air vent on the lid can be pushed to let steam escape and reduce the pressure within the jar which makes it easier to open.

My children decided to have a trial run before going back to school so we filled the jar, after preheating it, with some homemade soup at 7.30am as this would be the time it would be filled on a school day. We then went on a picnic and opened the jar at 12.30- school lunch time! The soup was hot, not boiling hot but hot. In reality, I really wouldn’t want my children opening a food jar on their own at school that contained a boiling liquid!
The jar has a wide neck so the contents can be eaten directly from the food flask.

I am looking forward to using the food jar for lunches at school, I think it will be great over the colder months to send hot homemade nutritious food like soup and pasta. The idea of a hot lunch has inspired my children and they are coming up with a list of options to try.

I really can’t fault the Bora food flask and I expect I will end up buying more shortly although they are quite expensive at £34.95.
The full range of food flasks and the other items Kambukka sell such as water bottles and tea and coffee mugs are available to buy on their website www.kambukka.com.


RRP: £34.95

This product can be purchased from the Kambukka website here.

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