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Articulate Board Game Review


Reviewed by N Lock

The first time I played Articulate was an evening of absolute hilarity I shall never forget. That was many years ago so on receiving this new game I had to start from the beginning.

When you first open the box you have no idea what lies in store for you. The circular board unfolds to reveal coloured sections with words such as ‘Nature’ and ‘Action’ and there’s a little spinner which fits in the centre of the board. The instructions at first appear mind boggling. The basic premise is that you split into teams and then 2 members of each team become the ‘describers’ who are responsible for explaining the word on the card to the rest of their team who are the ‘guessers. There is a little egg timer and you have until that runs out to describe as many of the entries on the cards as possible. When the egg timer runs out you count up the successfully explained cards and that is the number of places you can move your teams counter forward around the board. You can have up to four teams but there’s not really a limit to how many players can be in each team, just that everyone should take a turn at being a describer.

The first time we played we left out all the parts that use the spinner, the control segments, the spin segments and the control and spin exceptions. These are all well explained in the rules but we found that our children were able to join in with this amended version of play and rather enjoyed the concept of trying to describe something without actually saying it. This is great for their verbal language skills and is to be encouraged. There is a kids edition of Articulate available which is made even better because you can incorporate the kids cards into the adult board game and play together. I wish I’d bought that before we began the months of staying at home in 2020!

There are 500 cards included in the game and each card has a word for all six categories so there’s not much chance of you getting bored of the game unless you played it non stop for weeks. It’s a brilliant game for an evening with friends. The cards are supplied in four packages so you could give a pack to someone else and play the game over a video call. When I made this suggestion it turned out that my friends already had an Articulate board game and so we were able to spend a well needed evening of laughter on facetime.

I’ve also learned that my baby brain is still going strong but the best way to clear the fog is likely to be by exercising my brain and articulate is surely a good and super amusing way of doing that.

The box suggests that it’s suitable from age 12 so I’ll have to wait a while for my young children to join in properly but that’s certainly something I look forward to enjoying as a family.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £32.99

This product can be purchased from Drumond Park here.

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