Juice Super Charge Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Fed up of your electronic devices taking forever and a day to charge? Then look no further as I present you the Juice Super Charge!

One common complaint amongst device users like myself is the fact that charging takes forever! Having a teenager with Autism means her devices need to be charged and ready to use. Using her iPad is a big part of her daily routine and she uses it to see her visual timetable, tell us about her day at school, messaging her friends and enjoy taking pictures of her puppy. She often gets frustrated with her iPad charger as it is very slow and can often take 3+ hours to fully charge.

Unfortunately, in the past we’ve had her iPad thrown in frustration due to the battery not being sufficiently charged for her to use or full-scale meltdowns.

Well, now our problems have been solved thanks to the amazing Juice Super Charge!

The charger arrived in the funkiest of packaging (a silver and white juice carton) and looked so good and unique.

Inside the box was the charger itself, a soft cloth charger bag to store it in and a detailed instruction leaflets complete with 1 years free warranty on the charger.

What I found useful with the Juice Super Charge was its ability to charge 2 devices at once! I have never come across a product that has this sort of capability. This feature is great for newer homes like our own where there is a real lack of sockets! It’s often a race to see who gets the socket first.

The 18 Watt Output Juice Super Charge is compatible with Micro USB and USB Type-C cables and all mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. It even charged my Kindle Paperwhite with ease.

I tested the Juice Super Charge on my Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus which was on 29% and within 15 minutes the phone was charged to over 50%.

I am so impressed with this charger and know that as a family we will no longer have any issues with slow charges.

This super-smart device detects your device and delivers the optimal charge as well as protecting you from over-current, over-voltage, overload and short circuit!

It also doesn’t get hot! My daughter’s iPad charger tends to get a little hot so we don’t like to use it due to the burn risk but also the fire risk. Since receiving the Juice Super Charge I now have happily thrown her old charger in the bin and will continue to use the Juice Super Charge. It’s given me total peace of mind knowing my child and her device are safe and protected whilst using it.

I cannot fault this charger at all and will be looking at replacing my husband and stepdaughters charger with the Juice Super Charge in the future.

If you want a safe, fast and reliable charger then the Juice Super Charge is the one for you. The RRP is a very reasonable £21.99

Visit the Juice Website for more information to find other fabulous Juice products including sound squares and power banks!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99

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