Farmaggedon 2019 Review

Ormskirk, Lancashire

Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

Receiving an invite to attend 2019’s Farmaggedon Launch Night on Friday 13th would send shivers up anyone’s spine! Farmaggedon is a scare experience who specialise in making your worst nightmares a reality and is perfect night out to celebrate Halloween. Having never been before I had no clue what to expect or even if I could survive. Upon arrival we were directed through to The Zombie Arms where you could purchase a beverage of your choice, in my case for some much needed Dutch courage. As we pondered what might be happening some interesting character’s started to enter the room, character’s that I wouldn’t usual choose the drink with! A scary clown that was not unlike Pennywise walked around menacingly holding a box with a surprise inside, a body was wheeled in on a gurney, covered in a bloody sheet, a little piggy dragged along a rather wild looking wolf on a chain, vampires, devils…

They taunted drinkers with their gaze, whispered words and uncomfortable closeness. The make-up and costumes where fantastic, resembling something out of a film. The characters never cracked and the suspense built as more and more spooky menacing characters entered the room. Then the body on the gurney started to twitch and a zombie rose up and awkwardly made its way around the room in search of flesh!

Dutch courage built up we were ready to brave the unknown. We had 3 Scare Houses to survive: The Beast of Terror, Contagion and The Meat Locker. Each with its own disturbing back-story, we made our way through, clinging to each other and awaiting the next heart-stopping vision of terror. The houses all featured dark rooms and corridors but most terrifying of all are the horrifying creatures that lurk within in, jumping out, wielding chainsaws and screaming warnings a us. It was an absolute scream-fest and we loved every second. Constantly on high alert and wary at every step of what might be awaiting us. The tension was palpable. There was a lot of strobe lighting to be aware of, which added to the disorientation and you are issued with 3D glasses before entering Contagion adding yet another dimension of terror.

Having survived the Scare Houses we went on to the Zombie Outlaw territory. Through a barn we were issued with our ammunition and given strict instructions by the military who were recruiting us to fight the undead with them. We were then seated on a tractor trailer each with our own paintball gun and driven out into the fields which were swarming with zombies at a number of different target sites. This was amazing fun, the paintball pellets were glow in the dark and so it was easy to see if you had hit the zombies. But that wasn’t all, we needed to be decontaminated following our killing spree and this involved entering a maze of horror with yet more scary characters to get passed before returning to The Zombie Arms for a celebratory survival drink!

For all of this there are different pricing options depending on what you want. For a standard ticket which gives you access to all three Scare Houses is between £18.50-£23. For and enhanced ticket giving access to all 3 Scare Houses plus the Zombie Paintball is between £27.50-£33 and for a VIP ticket giving access to all this plus a fast-track ticket to avoid long queues is between £32.50-£38. All prices are dependent on the date that you choose to attend. I think the VIP pass is excellent value for money and well worth it. This is a top quality experience, every detail has been carefully planned with optimal scare appeal in mind and actors and staff are consistently professional. It’s a seamless operation that guarantees an awesome experience and I can’t praise it enough. Extra pods can be purchased for £10 for the Zombie paintball.

In addition, there are so many sights and curiosities to feast your eyes upon outside of the houses, with circus-type shows here and there as well as the scary characters wandering around; ready to pounce on their next victim, you are never completely safe. It’s definitely an entire evenings worth of entertainment. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough for any horror fan. It’s a scream-fest for grown-up’s, with a minimum age of 15 years this isn’t for children but allows you be one for the night. It’s fun, spine-chillingly addictive and you’ll leave wanting to go back! I would give this more stars if I could but it’s definitely a 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £18.50.

Farmaggedon runs from 7-11pm on selected evenings in October and November. For more information or to make a booking visit

Farmaggedon, Flatmans Lane, Downholland, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 7HW

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