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Judge Coffee Essentials Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

As someone who enjoys coffee on a daily basis I was looking forward to using some new coffee making equipment from Judge. When the box arrived containing the Judge vintage style coffee bean grinder, Judge double walled highball glasses and Judge six cup cafetiere I was really excited!  Luckily the box also contained a good amount of loose polystyrene which kept my toddlers fully occupied whilst I unpacked it and got straight to work.

First of all, I tried the Coffee Bean Grinder, Vintage Style (RRP: £39.99). It was larger than I imagined it would be and held enough beans to make coffee to fill a cafetiere. It’s made of metal and has an aged appearance in keeping with its vintage style. Effectively it works like a pepper mill and has a ceramic burr mechanism. To grind your coffee you put the beans through the hatch in the lid, I used a small scoop to do this although I felt that some sort of chute would be handy. There is a little sliding door on the hatch which you can close while you grind although it tends to open itself again due to the grinding motion. To adjust the degree of grinding you need to unscrew the locking screw on top of the handle and move the grind adjustment nut. There are a couple of small components in here, a washer and the stopper which I seem to drop every time I made an adjustment. Finding the position of the grind adjustment nut that’s right for you is trial and error but now I’ve got the coffee ground to my satisfaction I probably won’t be changing that very often.


The handle to grind the beans is easy to turn and the grinding takes only a few minutes. It’s enjoyable to hear the crunch of the beans as they’re ground and you can hear as well as feel when the beans are all gone and it’s time to stop grinding. The ground coffee is collected in the body of the grinder, this is easily accessed by twisting the grinding mechanism anticlockwise and lifting it off.

I enjoyed using this grinder and it will be practical for occasional use.

Next I used the coffee I’d ground in the grinder to make coffee in the 6 Cup Glass Cafetiere (RRP: £45). This cafetiere is unusual in that the handle is part of the glass body of the cafetiere. Coupled with the simple design of the chrome top the cafetiere looks modern and stylish. It’s dishwasher safe which is an essential for me and has a capacity of 700ml. In use the glass handle remains cool and the plunger moves easily through the coffee unlike other cafetieres I’ve used. The spout pours smoothly and without dripping and I really enjoy the coffee I’ve made in this cafetiere.


I served the coffee made in the cafetiere in the Double Walled Highball Glasses (RRP: £24.99). These came in a box of two. Beautiful and unusual to look at, the smooth curves of the glasses feel lovely in your hands. They are mouth blown so each glass is unique although they look remarkably consistent, the quality is excellent. They’re dishwasher safe and heat resistant. First of all, I tried them out with a latte made using my freshly ground beans. The gap between the two walls is quite large and the inner glass is round at the bottom so the effect when the glasses are filled with liquid is very pleasing on the eye. The thermally insulated ‘air pocket’ double walled construction means that you can comfortably hold a glass of hot coffee and also means that your drink stays hot much longer than normal, which is invaluable when you have toddlers and usually only get to drink anything once it’s luke-warm. Next I tested them with a gin and tonic and lots of ice, they were brilliant for this because I didn’t get cold hands, there was no condensation and my ice didn’t melt before I had finished my drink. They’re also great for juice but my favourite use has to be iced coffee, for this they are exactly right in terms of size, a glass takes 330ml and they look lovely with a straw in the top. I’m so pleased with these glasses I feel compelled to extend my collection, starting with some latte glasses from the same range.


I would have to rate each of these Judge coffee items as 5 out of 5, all quality items.

Rating: 5/5

For more information and stockists visit www.judgecookware.co.uk.


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