Jolen Facial Hair Removal Kit – Review


Reviewed by Nina Chester

When I had the opportunity to try a new to market facial hair remover, I was jumping for joy. In fact, my chin hair is so long, I could use it as a skipping rope to jump over. As a lady of a certain age, I have endured rogue hairs around my top lip and chin for the past twenty or so years, recently, like everything that 2020 has to offer, things have become extreme.
The kit arrived in a small cardboard box with instructions clearly on the back as well as the usual warnings about skin patch tests, I carried out the patch test and waited 24 hours as advised. When I had five minutes peace, knowing that I had enough time as it is a five minute formula to follow the instructions and hopefully remove my unwanted hair. This is a two part system, you do not need to do any previous preparation before applying part one, the skin guarding balm, this is a small 1.9 gram lipstick type applicator, akin to lip balm. The directions are to apply the balm directly to the area of skin you wish to treat and massaging in a circular motion into the skin for twenty seconds going beyond the area you wish to treat.
Next came the fun part, the application of the hair removal cream itself, using the applicator or your fingers, I chose the latter, I spread a generously thick layer over my top lip and chin and sat back and waited with a timer set for five minutes, the advice is not to leave it for longer than eight minutes. At this point I was relieved that there was nobody else in the house as I did rather look like a toddler with a yogurt pot! When the timer eventually sounded, I went to the bathroom and ran luke-warm water and using a face flannel, removed the cream. This wasn’t a messy operation at all. I made my way back to my dressing table where my 12x magnifying mirror awaited me
Normally I don’t need such a high magnification to see my facial hair, which I tweezer daily, but I had to lean in to see the few remaining hairs that were left, all the fine, peach skin type hair had indeed vanished, all I was left with were a few, more stubborn coarser hairs, I was not surprised by this as these cause me problems on a daily basis. I knew that I would have to resort to the tweezers to deal with these although they were easier to see as the finer hairs had gone completely, and I was pleasantly surprised how easily they could be pulled, but what has surprised me the most, is the fact that they have not grown back, my daily ritual of the tweezers hasn’t now taken place for four days, this is so liberating, no more daily struggle. There is sufficient product left in the kit for a few more applications and I can imagine this becoming part of my weekly armoury
Jolen has become a new friend, keeping me looking presentable. The product is hassle free, mess free and effective on all but the coarser hairs, I’m sure it will become a game changer for many women and I will certainly pop it into my basket again.

Rating: 3/5
RRP: to be confirmed

This product can be purchased from – New to market product, Jolen’s website can be found here

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