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John Adams Shake Off Review


Reviewed by Julie Powell

Whilst spending a lot more time at home recently due to the coronavirus pandemic family fun nights have taken up a regular slot on our weekend schedule so when we received the John Adams Shake off game to review we were over the moon to be able to add this to our collection of board games as this offers us something that not of our current games collection has and that’s to get us moving!! (let’s face it most have us have gained a few lbs during lockdown, so this is a fun way to get us a bit more active again without really knowing it!)

Shake-off is a fun and frantic fitness game that is pretty easy to understand and to follow – you have 2 shake-o-meters (which remind me of a pedometer), 2 sweat bands (one red one blue), a spinner and a timer (which requires 2x AA batteries which are not included) and the instructions which are on the inside of the box, the aim of the game being that the more you shake the more you score. In order to play you simply spin the spinner which then tells your opponent where they need to wear their shake-o-meter(either arm, leg, waist or bottom( and how they have to move (run, jump or to freestyle it) once the spinner has chosen which part and movement your opponent is doing they simply clip the shake-0-meter to that area, set the timer (which van be set to either 15 or 30 seconds) then shake shake shake! Whomever gets the highest score on the shake-meter is the winner!! The game is designed for 2+ players aged over 4 years and whilst we played it with just us it would be a great to play at family parties with more players of all ages!

So, Friday night Finally arrived, and it was time to give Shake-off a try (obviously we let our tea settle first and made a space in the lounge so that we had space to move freely!) The game was easily picked up by my two boys who are ages 5 & 6 and they did not let us adults get a look in for the first few rounds as they just wanted to compete against themselves. Once us adults got involved though the real fun started, and we’ve not laughed as much during a family fun night for a while although us adults tired a lot quicker than the boys! The box says that game play is around ten minutes and I can understand why however with more players you can take it in turns and a rest between rounds. The boy’s absolute loved it and even made me film them whilst playing it so that they could watch themselves back and also to send the videos on to some of our family to brighten up their Friday nights too!

This is a board game that will be making a regular feature in our Family fun nights and will be making an appearance on Christmas day with wider family of all ages hopefully joining in with us.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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