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John Adams Grabolo Game Review

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

I was very happy to be asked to review Grabolo as a potential Easter Gift for my children. I’m always looking for new ideas for presents to give to my sons for Easter which don’t involve chocolate, so was keen to see if this would fit the bill. As a family we love playing games together and are always keen to try out new ones so were very eager to get started.

Grabolo is a game aimed at players aged 4 years and over and is for 2-4 players so ideal for our family of four. It is also fairly quick with the average game lasting just 10 minutes. The game consists of 36 brightly coloured plastic playing pieces and two dice. One dice is a coloured dice and the other has pictures of the different types of playing pieces i.e. duck, car, man, tree, rabbit and pig on. Everything comes in a compact clear plastic screw top jar which makes it very easy to keep all the pieces together in one place along with the instructions. The packaging was also very bright and colourful and made the game look like it would be a lot of fun. The clear plastic jar added to my sons’ excitement as they could see all of the different playing pieces and couldn’t wait to open it (so much so that, in their haste to open the game, they destroyed the cardboard packaging, so it was just as well this wasn’t needed and was completely recyclable!)

The main aim of Grabolo is to “find the match and grab it fast”, so there is a certain number of pieces to be collected by each player during the game and the first player to collect that amount is the winner. The number of pieces to be grabbed depends on the number of players so when we played with four players we needed to collect six pieces each. To play the coloured playing pieces are randomly placed on the table and then the two dice are rolled to see which piece needs to be grabbed. This will be a colour and a shape i.e. a red pig. Then everyone has to locate and attempt to grab that piece first. Once pieces have been grabbed players need to keep hold of them in their hand, where the other players can’t see them. If a piece is rolled and somebody already has it, then this gives the other players the opportunity to grab it back by being the first person to identify who has the piece. If correct, then the player with the piece has to hand it over. Similarly, if a player is wrong about who has it then they have to put one of their own pieces back on to the table.

Grabolo is great fun, although it did cause some arguments in our household with my two very competitive boys who were both very determined to get to the pieces first! Unfortunately for my 5-year-old and us parents, our 8-year-old turned out to be very speedy at finding and grabbing pieces and has won most of the games so far. But we are not defeated and it’s a great game that we are really enjoying playing, and it has also given us lots of laughs! The pieces are really sturdy so luckily will withstand some serious grappling during the games.

Because all the pieces are kept inside the compact plastic jar Grabolo is also an ideal game for travelling as it can easily be packed into a bag or suitcase. The only two very minor criticisms I have are that, firstly the jar isn’t very sturdy, so I am concerned that it may break easily and secondly, it’s tricky for small hands to hold lots of pieces in their hand at the same time – we overcame this by giving my youngest son a box to put his pieces in to hide them from the rest of us!

Grabolo is a great fun game for families and would make an ideal Easter gift for children. I also think it could be enjoyed by more than four players if more people wanted to play.

We found a handy video on YouTube with an easy guide of how to play Grabolo:

We give Grabolo 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

For more information visit, Available to buy from Amazon here.

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