Infantino Hug And Cuddle Adjustable Hybrid Wrap Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Choosing items to use when a new baby arrives is exciting but exhausting when you need to make sure you purchase just the right item. I was a little sceptical when I saw the picture on the box, but this Infantino Hug & Cuddle Adjustable Hybrid Wrap is extremely sturdy. With a comfy design that includes a head support, a full wraparound waist belt, an adjustable padded back support, and a continuous seat, you can keep your new-born perfectly positioned from birth until they are 6 months old. I can already imagine this being used extensively with any new born, yet not really wearing it out as the fabric is of such a high standard. It feels very comfortable to use, but also tight to make sure there isn’t too much loose movement. We are thoroughly enjoying using this for our lovely grandchild and already recommending it to all my friends and family.

We could not be happier with the Infantino Hug & Carry Adjustable Hybrid Wrap. It is so comfortable and incredibly easy to use – the all-in-one design means no wrapping, folding, tucking, or tying required. It really makes things so easy and provides a manageable way to get small jobs done while baby has contact all the time – you can experience the bonding benefits of a wrap carrier with ease of mind thanks to the supportive stretch panel that naturally hugging your baby. We use it on walks, we use it when she’s restless and don’t want to be put down, we even use it when we are at home. I like the Infantino Hug & Cuddle Adjustable Hybrid Wrap better because it is light in weight, great colour, adjustable, and sustainable. The wrap-inspired, pull-on carrier will enhance your baby’s in-cuddle experience as you move more naturally so a person is able to bend, lean, and run and your baby is still safely in place with you. I never have to worry about her falling out, this carrier offers easy access for nursing and a soft quilted privacy cover offers security and coverage for babies and parents wherever they go. I recommend Infantino Hug & Cuddle Adjustable Hybrid Wrap for family and friends. It’s perfect and really does come in handy and it’s easy to wash and clean, a soft, breathable athletic mesh makes this simple to use carrier extra comfortable to wear and moves naturally with you. It definitely has been one of our go-to products for sure! It would also make a great support for any babies who suffer from reflux or colic….keeping them upright will allow them relief from their discomfort.

When not using the carrier to bond with your baby simply fold the carrier into the bonus storage bag and store it away at home or in your diaper bag. The Hug & Cuddle Adjustable Hybrid Wrap helps you experience more special bonding moments with your baby.

Hassle-free, easy to use wrap carrier
A supportive waist belt offers pressure relief weight distribution
Adjustable padded back support for increased comfort
Continuous seat to adjust leg support and weight distribution as baby grows
Comes with a quilted privacy cover that can be used during nursing
Carrier folds compactly into a bonus storage bag
Easy to wipe clean and machine washable
From newborn to infant from 7-26 lbs.
We thoroughly recommend this product for anyone who either has a baby, expecting one or grandparents for when the little one visist.

Rating: We rate this item as 5/5!

The item retails for £69.99 and can be purchased from here:

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