InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath Ultra Mild Review

InfaCareBabyBathNight-Time Baby Bath Ultra Mild

Reviewed by Jill Coulson

My 13 month little girl Elsa has always loved her daily bath so I was keen to give InfaCare Night Time Baby Bath Ultra Mild a try.

We were sent the large 750ml bottle which I am pleased to say will last us ages. The bottle itself is nicely designed with a lilac background and cute picture of a snuggling sleeping baby (enticing for any parent!).

The liquid has a pleasant, subtle relaxing smell to it and a small squeeze under the running tap worked quickly to create bubbles. Elsa really enjoyed splashing about in the water as usual but now we had the extra fascination of blowing the bubbles off her hands which made her squeal with delight.

We are definitely blessed with an explorer of a toddler who loves to get messy so I felt like we were a good test of InfaCare’s cleaning properties. With a soft dab with a flannel it easily removed washable paint, biro and under the neck ground-in food and left Elsa smelling that lovely clean baby smell.

Elsa has been prone to dry skin in the past so it was good to see the packaging’s claim: “Clinical testing proves that InfaCare is gentle on the skin and is suitable for babies and children who may be prone to dry and sensitive skin.” We’ve previously had to change from a different well-known baby brand after it dried her skin but I am delighted to say we’ve been using InfaCare for nearly a week now and Elsa’s skin feels just as gorgeously soft as should be.

When this bottle runs we’ll definitely be adding InfaCare Baby Bath Ultra Mild to our shopping list.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £3.49 (750ml)

Available to buy from supermarkets and pharmacies. For more information visit


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