In The Night Garden Live at The O2, London Review

InTheNightGardenLiveIn The Night Garden Live
The O2, London

29 May to 14 June 2014


Reviewed by Cheryl Wesley

Finally the day had arrived where we were going by train to the London 02 Arena to see Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy and co. The children being 3 years and 21 months were very excited but did not truly understand what a treat they were in for.

The printed tickets gave lots of usual information of how to get to the venue covering car, train, bus and tube. We got on the Jubilee line and it could not have been easier, plenty of lifts about making it a very pram friendly method of travel.

Once inside the 02 arena, my son found an Igglepiggle poster telling us to head in a certain direction and to look out for more of his friends to lead the way.

Upsy Daisy mummy, Upsy Daisy was the shout a couple of minutes later as we found the next sign! Then the excitement that only toddlers can display came into full force when from a distance you could see five giant Haahoos surrounding an igloo like blown up dome. We arrived ten minutes before the doors opened, but we were allowed to go in and queue. This was handy as you don’t get an allocated seat, the first in get the best seats! Whilst we waited to go in we found the Souvenir Activity Brochure (worth £7) which is included in your ticket price, this will keep little ones entertained tomorrow with coloring, stories and dancing with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy.

We also picked up the kids a light up windmill (£7) most of the youngsters had one of these, unfortunately one of ours was not working properly so we returned it to the stand where the staff were more than happy to swap it. This is also the point where you can collect a goody bag (£24 pre ordered or £29 on the day) these contained books, a hand puppet, light up windmill, DVD, character straw and a magazine. We decided to pass on this as we already have a lot of In The Night Garden toys!

We were then told we could head on in to the theatre area, so we left our pram in the pram park and got ourselves comfortable. The seats were bench like with only 13 rows, the thirteenth row is quite far back and my youngest would have struggled to see the show from that far away. The first three rows were premium and the rest standard. The benches where nice and wide and there was plenty of space for bags, coats and ample room left for the kids to stand up and join in.

My 21 month old daughter was quite tired by now having skipped her nap and chose to spend the next half hour waiting for the show to start lying down looking at the projected characters on the ceiling of the dome. Also a familiar voice was giving a count down until the show started ’lovely signing Upsy Daisy finish your song now as the show will start in ten minutes’.

We went to see the Ninky Nonk Show (as there a few shows that you can choose from), basically in the Ninky Nonk Show Igglepiggle loses his much loved blanket and he goes all around the garden meeting his friends who help him find it again! All the characters entrance songs are played twice so the children can join in with the dancing should they wish. There were four puppeteers who were continuously on stage. To begin with I found it rather odd and thought they might have disrupted the flow of the story, however whether they were changing the scene or moving the puppets their faces and poses where great and played an important part to the show.

Midway through the show my little boy grabbed my hand with an urgent plee to use the toilets. These were found about a toddler’s minute run from the seats so you could still hear what was happening on stage. Every cubicle had a toilet seat which is handy for toddlers who are out of nappies, these seemed to be cleaned on a regular basis, and there was plenty of them so we never had to wait.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching my children completely hooked with the show as they waved hello, clapped along and cheered, they participate when they watch the TV program but the excitement of it all being just a few metres away just made the smiles on their faces huge which in turn put a massive grin on mine.

The show lasted 55 minutes, which we were a little shocked by as we thought paying £20+ for a ticket the show would have been stretched out a little longer! My 3 year old was upset as we said goodbye in the usual TV program format as he wanted to see a lot more!

I’m so glad we went to see the show but will not pay to see it again as I just feel for a family of 4 we could do a fun full day out for the price of a 50 minute show. I would rate the show 5/5 for entertainment for the children, they loved it from start to finish, but would have to say overall 4/5 once you factor price and all the extras you feel you need to pay on top for!

Rating: 4/5

Tickets cost from £17.50 to £33.

In The Night Garden Live is at The O2 until 14 June 2014. For more information or to book tickets click here, call the box office on 0844 856 0202 or visit www.nightgardenlive.com.

The O2, Peninsula Square, London, SE10 0DX | 020 8463 2000

4 Star

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