How to Choose Free Partition Recovery Software for Windows

Written by David Savage

Everybody these days own a computer of some description: desktop PC, laptop, tablet etc. and store lots of different types of data – pictures, videos, music, documents etc. But most people don’t back up their precious data to a secure location on a regular basis, if at all. So what do you do if you accidentally delete some of those precious files?

How to recover deleted files is quite simple with the right partition data recovery software for Windows. There are lots of free data recovery software programs that help you recover deleted files and partitions.

I was using Disk Drill for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, formerly 7-Data Recovery. The software comes as a free version and you have the option to upgrade to a paid Pro or Enterprise version. The free version allows you to recover 500mb of data while the Pro version is unlimited and more advanced options and the Enterprise version is for commercial use.

Disk Drill allows you to recover files, partition data recovery, restore deleted partition, recover deleted partition on Windows across different file system within Windows from accidentally deleted files or corrupted hard disks or partitions. You can read more at

I ran the software and it found files I had deleted using the recycle bin (which I had emptied) and recover them intact. It was easy to use but can be time consuming depending on the size of the partition or hard disk you are searching. It can also be on USB flash drives and portable hard drives.

If you have deleted files or had a corrupted hard disk partition then I can recommend using Disk Drill – it’s very easy to use, even for a non-technical user. Give the free version a try and see for yourself, after all you have nothing to lose and could gain a lot.

For more information or to download the free version (or buy the Pro version at a discount) of Disk Drill visit

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