Hotel Du Vin and Bistro Edinburgh Review

Hotel Du Vin & Bistro

Reviewed by Nicole Warren

The Hotel Du Vin & Bistro seems to me to be a very pleasant place to spend an evening. The decor as you approach is very inviting with wooden tables outside to allow for al fresco dining and also a lovely secluded heated cigar chalet.

The main dining area boasts a double height ceiling with oak beams that match the original oak floor. The decor is simple and inviting and the tables are not all uniform which again ensures a non regimental set up which is often present in chain restaurants. Noted several lone diners, which I feel speaks volumes about this bistro. How often do people leave their homes to dine alone in a restaurant? It’s not as if the area lacks in a range of restaurants.

I tried both the steak and the rack of lamb. Both were cooked how we asked and the accompaniments were lovely. The portions were a good size – certainly not small, but not so grotesquely huge that you are put off. Unfortunately, the bistro was awaiting a delivery of their house wines, so I was unable to try those, however the replacement red wine – a Bordeaux, was lovely and went well with the menu, but the white was rather dry and quite sharp. Not the middle-of-the-road tasting wine I would expect to replace a house white.

For dessert, the chocolate fondant was delicious and so was the crème brûlée. However, the caramelised topping of the crème brûlée was far too thick. Looking at other reviews, this appears to be the case regularly. If you have worries about your teeth, you’d be better to avoid this.

The part I most enjoyed about this bistro actually was the service. The staff were very pleasant and attentive but not invasive. They would chat to you where appropriate and I found them to be very knowledgeable. I asked our server about the wine “cellar” that we could see through a glass mezzanine level and he explained about the different wines and the climate control they have to ensure they are stored correctly.

I found the service to be exemplary, and did not need to make large gestures to gain their attention, they were discreet and polite.

Pricing wise, this is at the higher end of the market but is not outlandish.

Overall, a lovely place to spend a few hours with some delicious food. ? stars (only missing out on 5 due to minor crème brûlée issue and wine unusualness).

Rating: 4/5

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